The Pamban Road Bridge connects the National Highway (NH 49) with the Rameswaram island. It stands on the palk strait and between the shores of Mandapam (Place on the Indian Main land) and Pamban (One of the fishermen town in Rameswaram island). And it stands parallel to the Pamban Rail Bridge

Quick History of Pamban Road Bridge : After the cyclone of 1964, A plan for a Road bridge parallel to the Existed Railway bridge was proposed by the Tamilnadu Government, but it was cancelled by Indian Railway Ministry.

Driving Through Pamban Bridge – Mass Driver

Video – Kerala Drivers.

The construction works of Pamban Road bridge was commenced on 17.11.1974 by the Indian Highway department . (By that time they estimate the cost for built this bridge as 537.57 Lakhs !! J ) and contracted to M/S Neelakandan Brothers Engs ., Madras .

After the 1978 cyclone the work was carried out slowly, After few years the construction work contract was given to the New Gammon India Ltd., (The Government sanctioned 16.6514 crore INR by 1986).

The work was completed on 1988 , ( It takes merely 14 years to complete this Engineering Marvel ).

This Road Bridge was named as ANNAI INDIRA GANDHI ROAD BRIDGE, and inaugurated by former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi On the date of October 2, 1988.

Architecture of Pamban Bridge: The Pamban Road Bridge bridge spans the length of 2.345 km . The arch shaped architecture of the bridge, and its height from the sea level let the ships and boats pass beneath its piers (Pillars) without any disturbance (The pamban cantilever rail bridge has gate like passage arrangement named “Scherzer Roll” in the middle of it) .