Disappearing Airplane Landed After 37 Years

An airplane landed after 37 years. Not sure this is a genuine story.

As a flying phantom the charter flight DC-4 with 57 passengers on board landed in Caracas, Venezuela in 1992 after the plane disappeared in 1955 during it’s flight from New York to Miami! In a few minutes the ghost-plane took off and disappeared again in the clouds!

The reports of the witnesses and record of the radio contact between the pilot and the control tower of the airport make undeniable evidence that this mystic landing had really taken place. So there are also the airport control service stuff’s testimony, the descriptions of people who saw this, coincided as the deputy, minister of civil defense, Ramon Estovar had reported.

But the main proof, according to mr. Estovar, is a hand-size calendar dated 1955, which the pilot of the ghost-plane had dropped on the runway of few seconds before the plane DC-4 took of and hid in the sky. “-I saw the plane, I heard the pilot’s voice, I’ve even held the small calendar in my hand, but I still can’t believe my own eyes”- said Huan de La Corte, who clearly saw everything what was going on at that moment, from his office in the control tower of the airport.“- The passengers of the flight DC-4 were sure that it was the year 1955, and they had landed in Florida, but that was wrong. Only God knows where the people had spend all this years.”

According to mr. De La Corte and some others traffic controllers they had immediately understood that something strange and supernatural was about to happen, when they saw an old type plane with propeller, which was not seen on the radar screen. “-We saw the plane with our own eyes, but on the radar we saw nothing “-said mr.De La Corte-“we asked the pilot to gives his name, but in replay we heard: “Where are we now?”- his voice showed that the man was frightened and confused. But finally he told us, that he was doing charter flight 914 from New York to Miami with a crew of 4 people and 57 passengers on board.

The traffic controller added that after the pilot’s words they was total silence in the control room. Everybody was shocked. The destination point of the flight 914, Miami was 1800km away from Caracas, Venezuela… South America.” Then I asked: –“Are you in distress?”-There was no answer, so I cleared the passageway for the plane to land and the landing went very well. Next moment when I started to think that situation was under control, I heard as a pilot told his co-pilot:” Jesus Christ, Jimmy! What a hell is it?”-They were looking at a jet-plane as if it was a space ship.”

As mr.De La Corte told us, the pilot of the ghost-plane had explained that according to the schedule they had to land in the international airport of Miami at 9:55 am, on the second of July, in 1955, then I heard him saying “Something is wrong here”. So I informed them: ”Captain, this is an international airport of Caracas, today is the 21th of May,1992”.

I heard that pilot crying:”-Oh my God!” I also could heard him breathing hard. I tried to calm down him, saying that we have send them the ground crew, but when the ground crew and the refueller came closer to the plane, the pilot exclaimed:” No! Don’t get closer! We are leaving!” Later the ground crew members said that that could see the faces of the passengers, looking at them from the illuminators. And then the pilot opened the illuminator of his cabin and waved his hand-meaning “go away”. “-He was waving at us with a file” – said De la Corta- “and probably at that moment, the small calendar fell from the file and we found it later”. Then the pilot started the engine and the plane took off. Later all the records of this radio session and the hand-size calendar were highly classified by secret service.