DEATH ESCAPE from in front of the Train – LUCKIEST COW !!

Death was no where close for this Cow !! The holy cow escapes in no time from the 6200 HP Powerful ET beasts.

My hands started trembling as I was shooting this, you can notice me zooming in instead of zooming out looking at this thriller.

I was glad seeing the cow getting off the tracks as quickly as it could !! A dare devil indeed !! I think loco pilot has perfectly know that cow has cross track before train passed. Not sure why the LP refused to honk at the Cattle.

The LP honked later at me after noticing me capturing the train. Usually some LP’s acknowledge when ever they see Rail fans with their Cameras.

SWR’s King , the humble beast Karnataka cuts through the tracks as it curves out of BYPL heading towards Cantonment , rattling with Twin ITARSI – ET WDM3A and its 24 coaches .

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