Crazy GIRL Challenges the Train – Video

All this while from my train spotting experience its always the guys and the buffalo’s who had been giving a hard time to the loco pilots but this time for a change it was surprising to see a girl trying some sort of a funny stunt before the approaching train.

Glad that the train wasn’t running at its max permissible speed. 12726 Dharwad – Bangalore Siddaganga Intercity Express hauled by Hubli / UBL WDP4B EMD 40009 skipping Soldevanahalli Station heading towards Yesvantpur.

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When locomotive engineers see a vehicle or person on the tracks in the path of their train, they can only sound the warning horn and apply the emergency brakes. A train in emergency braking will stop, but not in time to avoid this collision. 

Some people believe railroad tracks are public property. Railroad tracks, railroad service roads, and other railroad right of way are often used by joggers, hikers, people walking their pets, or as a pathway to ride motorcycles or other all-terrain vehicles or a wide variety of other activities. The danger with these activities on or near railroad tracks is these people are concentrating on their own activities not a train!

Many joggers wear headphones and cannot hear a train warning horn. Motorized vehicle noise also drowns out the locomotive horn. Many people who do not hear the warning fail to escape the danger. More importantly, railroad tracks, service roads, and right of way are private property and only persons authorized by the railroads can be on that property.