Cab Ride in WDP4D Diesel locomotive, skipping stations at 110Kmph!!!

A small compilated video of Indian Railways locomotive cab ride in dual cab diesel passenger locomotive GT46PAC electromotive WDP4D loco, skipping the unscheduled halt stations at maximum permitted speed of 110kmph with Express Train.

© RF Bipin.

It will be a thrilling experience capturing every moments of driving a train.

The loco Pilot will not permit any unauthorized person to travel in any cab or corridor of the locomotive. Please do not think the rail fans did it without permission. There are officials who give permission to travel in the second cab once he promises he will not tamper any switch in the cab without permission.

About Indian Railways : Indian Railways is one of the world’s largest railway network consists of freight, passengers, tourist, Suburban rail systems, toy train and luxury trains. IR has 4,337 operating railway stations, operates on a multi-gauge network of broad, meter and narrow gauges.