‘Anaconda on Rails’: Two Kilometre-Long Freight Train of Indian Railways – Video Viral

‘Anaconda on Rails’- It is the special types train consists of three freight trains together. In March, the East Coast Railway (EcoR) had conducted an experiment of running a long freight train in Odisha. This type of experiment was aimed at reducing manpower and raising economic path utilisation.

The train, comprising 147 wagons, three brake/guard vans, and four engines, was planned to run between Godbhaga and Balangir railway stations The experiment was successful as the first rake of 45 flat wagons was followed by the second and third rakes of 51 alumina containers that headed towards Vishakapatnam Port.

Just two months after the successful experiment, the South East Central Railway (SECR) has conducted another one in which 177 wagons were pulled using three locomotives.

The total length of the 177 freight wagons was 2-kilometers which has set a new record for Indian Railways. The Triple Long Haul Rack, dubbed as ‘Anaconda on Rails’, connected three freight trains together.of special train comprise of three freight train.

The length is about 2000 meter or 2 K.M. This train is called “Anaconda Train”. Sometime it called “ Python Train” as the the length of this types train has increased from normal freight train.

Let try to understand why Railway form this types of rakes and what are the usefulness and limitations of this “Anaconda or Python” kind of freight train.

A freight train takes 7 hours to cover the given distance of 250 km from Bhilai to Korba but ‘Anaconda’ took just 6 hours!

The technology used in the experiment is called the Rendelat system in which all engines can be run at the same speed.

When the cargo reached Raipur station, passengers waiting on the platform were in awe of the view. Some even captured the ‘Anaconda Train’ on their smartphones and shared it on social media.

News Source – timesnownews.