You know one of the worst things that can happen to you when travelling is when your mode of transport ultimately gets delayed and you’re stuck there for who-knows-how-long. Terrible, isn’t it?

Fortunately for these passengers who were travelling on an AirAsia flight from Hong Kong to Bangkok that got delayed, they had some rather awesome in-flight entertainment.

A passenger on the AirAsia flight, Kornchanok Benchapongsa shared videos of a pretty Thai flight attendant amusing the passengers by singing two songs.

Before she started singing, another attractive flight attendant introduced her through the intercom and announced that she would like to sing a song to give the passengers a special experience.

AirAsia Flight Gets Delayed; Air Hostess Singing a Song for Passengers : VIDEO

Without further ado, she takes over the intercom and starts playing the accompanying music on her mobile phone before singing melodiously. She starts off by singing an upbeat Thai song for the Thai passengers on the flight and ends it with a sweet smile as her captivated audience gave her a round of applause. They are headed for Bangkok after all!

The videos were shared on social media and quickly became viral as netizens had nothing but praise for the flight attendant. They said, “Not only does she look beautiful but her voice sounds sweet too!”

Now, we sure hope that the next flight we take will have something just as fun, in the event that it gets delayed!

Source – worldofbuzz.