A flight was Delayed When a Hitchhiking Man Jumps On Boeing 737 Wing

A flight taking off from Lagos, Nigeria, was delayed on Friday after passengers on the flight noticed a man climbing onto the wing as it was taxiing toward the runway.

According to the blog One Mile at a Time, the Azman Air flight to Port Harcourt, Nigeria was holding just short of the runway when a man, who had illegally snuck onto the tarmac, jumped onto the Boeing 737’s wing. He also had carry-on luggage which he stored in one of the plane’s engines.

Video posted to YouTube shows the man climing onto the wing:

Passengers alerted flight attendants, who in turn warned the pilots. The plane was forced to shut down its engines to avoid injuring the stowaway.

At the time of the incident, the Azman Air Boeing 737 was stopped waiting for takeoff clearance, when the man puts his case inside the engine and proceeded to climb onto the wing.

After the incident, the man was arrested and the flight resumed.

Lagos Airport has had a number of security issues in the past, including thefts from aircraft cargo holds while the airplanes were in use.

Wow! Pretty scary to think that non-airport personnel can get that close to aircraft as they are preparing to take off. It kind of makes you want to avoid flying to Nigeria altogether.

Source : businessinsider.