7 Water Parks in Bengaluru You Must Visit

From thrilling rides for those who love a bit of an adrenaline rush to laidback attractions for those who just want to tread the waters, a day in the park is always a good idea to rejuvenate and refresh. If you are looking for the best water parks in Bangalore, here are the top recommendations.

1. Wonder La

Wonder La

Wonder La (source)

Wonderla has grown into the most celebrated water park in Bangalore. There are many types of water slides and rides, specifically designed for kids making this an ideal family destination.

Wonderla boasts some of the most technologically advanced and innovative rides in Bangalore. Facilities like change rooms and shower rooms are well-maintained.

  • Things to do: Water ride attractions like the water pendulum, the Banded and the Lazy River. Land ride attractions like Recoil and The Wonderland Bamba.
  • Timings: On regular days, the park is open from 11 AM to 6 PM, while on peak days (weekends and holidays) the timings are 11 AM to 7 PM
  • Distance from the City Centre: 38 km

2. Neeladri Amusement Park

Neeladri Amusement and Water Park

Neeladri Amusement and Water Park (source)

One of the older amusement parks in Bangalore, Neeladri has different water rides and amusement rides (there are more than 40 of them) on this 30-acre property.

From pools and slides to a boating area, guests at Neeladri are guaranteed a lot of splashy fun. The park has all the standard facilities – lockers, change rooms, showers and washrooms.

  • Things to do: Bumpy car arena, formula 2 racing, arcade video games, the family slide, the zyclone and the water chute.
  • Timings: 11 AM to 7 PM on weekends and holidays while on regular weekdays the opening hours are 11 AM to 6 PM.
  • Distance from the City Centre: 20 km

3. Crazy Waters

Crazy Waters

Crazy Waters (source)

Located on the arterial Bannerghatta Main Road, Crazy Waters is one of Bangalore’s favourite destinations for water activities and rides. The giant water slide with its many sections is one of the highlights of this recreational destination.

You can rent swimming costumes at the water park. The entrance fee for kids is just 80 rupees and it is 200 for adults. Food and refreshments are readily available.

  • Things to do: The Mini Twister, Surprise Fountain, Water Chute, Flume Ride, Lazy River, the circular slide and the family slide.
  • Timings: The park is open from 10 AM to 6 PM on weekdays. The weekend and holiday timings are 10 AM to 7 PM.
  • Distance from the City Centre: 27 km

4. Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens

Lumbini Gardens (source)

Located on the banks of the Nagabavara Lake, Lumbini Gardens features boating facilities and basic rides. Some of the boats available are pedal boats, coffee boats and battery boats.

Lumbini Gardens is well known for its landscaping, which includes an artificial beach. There are dry land adventures to indulge in too. Lumbini Gardens is also famous for Golden Pearl, it’s floating restaurant.

  • Things to do: Boating, wave pool, mini slides, the toy train
  • Timings: 11 AM to 7 PM every day
  • Distance from the City Centre: 15 km

5. Water World

Water World

Water World (source)

Part of Bangalore’s iconic Fun World amusement park, a central location and a decent amount of rides makes Water World a good choice for recreation. Soak yourself up at the One-Eyed Captain’s Cask or throw those inhibitions away at the Rain Dance.

An artificial waterfall is the latest attraction. Need a bit of a seaside experience? The wave pool at Water World will give you just that.

  • Things to do: The Hurricane Cone, Spinning tube, Cyclone, the Devil’s Drop, the Boomerang, the Fantastic 4, the Maze Runner, the Lazy River
  • Timings: 11 AM to 7.30 PM every day.
  • Distance from the City Centre: 8 km

6. Fantasy Lagoon

Fantasy Lagoon

Fantasy Lagoon (source)

Located in the bustling KR Puram neighbourhood, the Fantasy Lagoon provides a fun-filled experience. Located around the Vengaiana Lake, the park is primarily known for its boating facilities, with different vessels for small and large groups. Fantasy Lagoon also has a food court.

  • Things to Do: Boating, evening walks, dining at the food court
  • Timings: The park is open from 11 AM to 8 PM while boating facilities shut an hour earlier at 7 PM
  • Distance from the City Centre: 147 km

7. Aqua Kingdom

Aqua Kingdom

Aqua Kingdom (source)

Part of the Innovative Film City, Aqua Kingdom boasts many water rides and spaces to unwind, including a sandy beach.

Some of the other highlights here include water slides and a wave pool. There is even a party area with an in-house DJ, and an on-site restaurant offers a wide range of refreshments.

  • Things to Do: The wave pool, beach
  • Timings: The Park is open from 10 AM to 7 PM and is an all-year destination
  • Distance from the City Centre: 43 km

Packing for the Outing

  • Before you head off to a waterpark with your happy bunch, make sure you carry a few essentials.
  • Even though many parks rent out swimwear, carrying your own is always a better option.
  • Load up on that sunscreen and carry extra tubes of it.
  • An extra set of clothes is another must, especially for the kids, who are bound to get a bit messy.
  • Early starts are great if you want to avoid Bangalore’s notorious traffic.
  • Keep yourself hydrated when you are out in the sun for too long.

A day out in the water park is a perfect stage for family bonding, and it makes for a memorable occasion with friends and colleagues.

Refresh and get a bit of a workout at one of  Bangalore’s several water parks. Try out new exciting rides and enjoy the old favourites. Plan your trip to a water park near Bangalore.

Source – Treebo.