The budget has announced 50 electric buses for Mysuru.

However, there is no time-frame set for the introduction of the electric buses, which will have financial support from the Centre.

The vehicles will be added to the existing fleet of the KSRTC and the officials here aver that Mysuru is the best place to operate the vehicles given the city’s broad roads and lack of traffic congestion.

Representative Image – Vadakkus
 K. Ramamurthy, Divisional Controller, KSRTC, Mysuru (Urban), told the central office of the KSRTC and the BMTC in Bengaluru will schedule the introduction and operation of the battery-operated vehicles.

He said trial runs were conducted in Bengaluru and once introduced there would be significant savings on diesel cost.

“In addition, it is likely to save Rs. 3,500 per bus per day without factoring in the electricity charges for recharging the batteries,” he said. Some of the vehicles are known to run for nearly 150 to 200 km when fully charged, said Mr. Ramamurthy.