25 Pickups From The 50s That Were Beautifully Restored

What we are going to take a look at is twenty-five of the most beautifully restored 1950’s pickup trucks on the market; trucks that are not only unique but also push the envelope for design and substance. We picked the best of the best, trucks that really have a beautiful design from the wheels to the paint, honoring the original vehicle without bad taste and over the top designs.


Who says that you can’t have a pink truck? This Chevy Scottsdale shows that there are some shades of Earth-tone pinks that just look darn cool, even on a truck. What we think sets this truck off especially is how the paint manages to look original, almost like it was made exclusively for this truck. Then you have the lowered stance, which has made these restored trucks look great, like hot rods, and we really like how it stands out from the crowd.


Man, do we love some candy paint, and it just looks great on about every car or truck that you can put it on. So, when we saw this candy painted Ford F100 we were instantly impressed.

Taking a cue from the originality of the F100, the paint doesn’t distract from the one of a kind body styling which made the F100 one of the most important trucks in history. But, with the signature chrome mirrors and low profile chrome wheels, this orange F100 is a stellar piece of the automotive history

231950 FORD F100

Talk about a stylish truck; this Ford F100 right here takes a beautiful green paint job and slaps it onto a reasonable pair of chrome rally rims, creating a truck that looks both aggressive and fun to drive. What we love about this particular example is the fact that the truck actually looks pretty original, which is always important when doing a restoration.

We think that the owner stuck to everything that makes the F100 a classic noteworthy truck with a one of a kind style.

221950 FORD F100

This 1950 Ford F100 takes rust to a whole new level and embraces it. Complete with a lowered suspension and a pair of original chrome Foose Rims, this truck looks just about as good as you can get. We like the natural look, and we would be proud to take this one of a kind truck down to any car show that we could.

There is nothing out of place or ugly about this Ford F100, and we like how the owner decided to take an original path with this one of a kind truck.


The 1950 Chevrolet Pickup Truck is a one of a kind resto rod that features a flat teal paint job, which really sets off the original lines of this truck. The 1950s Chevrolet is one of the most popular classic trucks to modify, so naturally, we like everything that this truck represents in terms of quality and one of a kind design. We also like that the owner kept a simplistic style for the rims without trying to add anything that was too oversized or too chrome.


It’s always an interesting thing to look at commercial trucks of the past decades and years, and this custom hauler is a one of a kind truck that offers a distinct blend of style and one of a kind design.

There are many other things that are unique about this old truck, but we have to say that the choice of paint and the extremely smooth body lines are what set the truck apart the most, making for a unique classic that is both functional and one of a kind.


Man, just take a look at this one of a kind flatbed truck and you are in for a real surprise. From the one of a kind fire engine red paint job to the real wood flatbed, this truck looks like it came right out of a classic movie.

The 1953 model year had some real gems, and this Chevrolet is no slouch in that department. This truck just goes to show us how far these interesting classic commercial trucks have come, and how they can be a complete blast to overhaul and turn into a modern project.


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We gotta hand it to the guys at T&M Automotive Restoration because this fully restored Ford truck is nothing but one of the best looking pure classics that we have seen. From the factory original navy blue paint to the one of a kind white wall tires, this truck is a stand out vehicle that looks about as good as any classic that we have seen.

The T&M Automotive Restoration team specializes in these trucks, and this Ford is a prime example of what the team can accomplish.


Ah, nothing like a good Domestic classic with a simplistic design that means business. This Chevy Scottsdale takes a different approach to restoration, with a flat plastic dip paint job and a lowered stance which gives the truck an aggressive look. Factor in those chrome rally rims and you have a truck that looks like it belongs on the track, instead of in someone’s driveway.

We admire this truck’s understated look, while still preserving the original style and functionality of the truck.


Some things are just better in Canada, and this cherry red Ford pickup truck is a prime example of why some cars from Canada are awesome! Take a look at the bright red paint job and you will instantly be sucked into the truck’s allure.

The designer also picked the age-appropriate wheels, with chrome center caps and enough red accents to set the entire truck off. Plus, you have the one of a kind Ford grill for this time, all factory specific, of course.

15 1954 FORD F100

The Ford Motor Company has been in the pickup truck business for as long as we can remember, and the F100 was one of the original models for the brand, so naturally, it has an important meaning for consumers.

With this unique example, there is an age-appropriate two-tone paint job, which really works to set the truck off in an awesome way, and we like how it offers an original looking replica without taking away from the charm of the original truck.


What we have right here is a real example of a workhorse, a truck that needs no introduction.

This forest green Chevy Flatbed was done right in all the right ways, making for a unique truck that looks original but still offers a good amount of versatility. This makes for a one of a kind truck that we think should grace the pages of any classic magazine, and the truck is still a functional and fun to drive vehicle, which we think is pretty awesome too!


Taking a page from the rust inspired truck in the entry above, this Ford F100 Rat Rod also took a natural approach to create a one of a kind truck that would look memorable and aggressive at the same time. What we like about this F100 are the big bold white wall tires, which give the truck a classic drag racer look.

The F100 is a classic looking beauty anyway, and we like how these original touches make the truck look retro but cool at the same time.


Although we got a kick out of the original rust inspired drag racers above, this original paint example of a pretty-much-factory Ford F100 caught our eye as well. The original lines of the truck were one of the most prominent features when it was new, and if you think that the truck is similar to the Chevrolet Scottsdale of the time, then you are wrong.

We thoroughly like what this truck offers, and the unique style and original paint make this a one of a kind classic that is worth driving.


Talk about a classic truck right here. This one of a kind teal green Ford F100 really goes to show us what an original truck can look like.

From the originality of the Ford green paint job to the low key wheel and tire combination that is on the truck, there is nothing overbearing about this ride, and we like it like that. What comes off as a subtle classic is a great ride for the collector who wants something that is not too ostentatious.


If you have been to Reno or the Sierra Nevada around August, there is no doubt that you caught the Hot August Nights car festival. This one of a kind Ford F100 is the type of truck that you might see parked in front of an In-N-Out Burger, with all of the cool kids around it.

We like the bright red paint job and the white wall radials, which give the truck an authentic and period correct look that really helps to set the truck off as a classic.


You might think that we have left the Dodge trucks out, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Here is a clean example of a 1950s Dodge Truck that features everything from the unique splitting hood to the factory blue paint job. The Dodge line of trucks has always been an instrumental part of the automotive industry, so naturally, we were impressed when we saw this very clean car show example of a truck that the owner still takes pride in.


Work trucks are cool too, and this original 1950s Dodge Dump Truck is just about as cool as they get.

We like the original dump trailer and the factory navy blue paint job, all of which are combined to create a winning combination of style and functionality. We like how the original commercial Dodge vehicles looked because they really demonstrated the one of a kind style that the company was looking for.


Want to take a look at one of the coolest Semi trucks on the road? Take a look at this one of a kind Dodge semi truck, complete with the dual stacks and the one of a kind look that is nothing short of unique.

We thoroughly like the black paint job, complete with a good amount of chrome which makes the truck look rather unique. This was the prime Pickens at a time when semi trucks were first finding their footing on the market, and we do love what this Dodge semi truck has to offer.


Don’t let the rust fool you, as this particular Dodge truck is something rather unique and one of a kind, offering a glimpse into one of the most classic trucks on the market.

Taking a restoration truck and making it into a one of a kind rat rod is commonplace for many Dodge truck models. This particular model really gives a unique one of a kind look that we are getting used to seeing on these classic Dodge truck models that have been converted into rat rod models.


Did you know that Dodge trucks also used to be commissioned as fire trucks? Yes, and this particular model is a prime example of what was once one of the more commonplace vehicles on our roads before the market for commercial fire trucks became more fierce.

This Dodge fire truck has been restored to its pristine factory condition, and the truck is an awesome sight in every sense of the word. We are quite impressed with the finished product which looks like an instant classic.


What’s better than driving a farm truck? Probably nothing, and the Dodge brand was one of the first mainstream farm truck manufacturers (which is why the Ram brand is known for being a hardworking and dependable pickup truck).

This is what has made the Dodge Farm truck such a special piece of history, and we love seeing how one of a kind this truck is and the interesting features that the owner has made the truck offer. This is definitely one farm truck that is a little ahead of the pack.


Long before there were the modern delivery vehicles that we see today, such as the Transit Connect and the countless incarnations of the Ford E-Series vans, there were panel trucks which served for everything from Milk delivery to cargo hauling for businesses that needed to get their goods from point A to point B.

This one of a kind classic car is definitely a special piece of history, and one that we like very much with its unique and original paint scheme and parts choices.


Flat Bed trucks have traditionally been used for all kinds of labor and trade, and this particular restoration of the Dodge Wood Flatbed is no exception. Combining a unique and factory original paint job with the signature wood panel bed that made this generation of pickup trucks famous, the Dodge Wood Panel Flat Bed is about as original as they come. And, we are taken aback by the one of a kind unique style, and the attention to detail that the owner put into restoring this one of a kind truck.


The original D100 itself is one of the rarest trucks on the classic car market right now, and with good reason. This is a unique opportunity to own one of the most influential original pickup trucks of the fifties, and one that is sadly often overlooked for Chevrolet or Ford models.

The Dodge D100 is every bit as important as those other models are, and this cleanly restored model really goes to show just how special the truck is and what kind of experience it can offer to the driver.

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