25 Best Places for Solo Travel in India

Are you tired of planning a trip with your friends which always gets canceled? Do you want to take a break from your dull routine? Then, you shouldn’t wait for a company, but pack your backpack and travel all by yourself.

We have picked for you few destinations for solo travel in India, where you can head to and have a lively trip all by yourself.

1. Orchha State

It has become one of the favorite spots for solo travel in India. Madhya Pradesh has beautiful architectural monuments which attract people from all around the world. This city Orchha in Madhya Pradesh is famous for the architecture created in the 15th Century when Rudra Pratap Singh ruled the city. There is a Betwa river which enhances the beauty of the place.

What to do: Must visit palace Raja Mahal and indulge in river rafting.

2. Kodaikanal

Shrooms are the reason you have to visit Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu. It is considered to be a well-known honeymoon destination but on the same hand, there are many other attractions that a person having a solo trip can enjoy. Get entrapped in the beauty of the city and explore the greenery of the place. Capture beautiful photos and indulge in your photography interest.

What to do: Trekking in the pine forest is a must.

3. Pushkar

Pushkar, a small city in Rajasthan is known as the hippie capital because of the n number of babas and sadhus in the region. It is a spiritual land where one can find time to discover themselves. It is known for the Brahma Temple and tourists from around the world come to visit this temple.

What to do: Enjoy hot air balloon rides when you visit the Brahma Temple.

4. Varkala

If you are looking for some alone time by the beach and Goa is too crowded for you, Varkala, in Kerala is the ideal location. The Arabian Sea provides a magnificent view and you can find enough time to relax by the clean and beautiful beaches in the region.  There are many attractions you can explore when you are there on a solo trip.

What to do: If you are spiritual, then visit Janardana Swamy Temple and relax by the Papanasam Beach.

5. Ziro

It is a beautiful valley in Arunachal Pradesh which entails both economy and culture. Ziro Valley Carnival is a music festival held here which many people come to attend and have a good time. It was named as World Heritage Site a few years ago because of the beauty it has in the form of rice fields and little villages.

What to do: Check out paddy cultivation at the Tarin Fish Farm.

6. Arambol Beach

Winter season is most preferred by people to visit this beautiful beach. Many people from around the world come here to stay for a long period of time, even a year to enjoy the thrill this place provides. The atmosphere of this beach is hippy, which is why people who enjoy party culture, like to come here.

What to do: Enjoy the beach and stay at famous Laughing Buddha.

7. Nubra Valley

One of the very peaceful destinations for solo travel in India that you should travel alone is Nubra Valley in Leh. You might have heard stories about how gorgeous the Leh looks and the reason is the two beautiful rivers Siachen and Shayok amid the gorgeous hills. It is at an altitude of 10000 ft and the fresh air above will refresh your soul.

What to do: Visit Diskit Gompa Monastery and Hunder.

8. Dzukou Valley Bridge

One of the hidden gems of India is Dzukou Valley Bridge in the NorthEast. Nagaland welcomes travelers in a way that no other city can. The flora of the region will simply take your breath away and you would be captivated by the beauty. There are different species of flowers that you might have never seen in your entire life.

What to do: Trekking. Visit Vishwema Village.

9. Jibhi

You might have visited Himachal with your friends or family, you might have heard stories about the mesmerizing beauty it has, but if you haven’t explored this small city Jibhi in Himachal, you are missing out on the real charm. It is the kind of city that people dream about when it comes to “beauty”. A perfect landscape this state entails, including little huts and polished rocks.

What to do: Visit Jalori Pass and enjoy bonfires by the river.

10. Majuli

Guinness Book of World Records recently mentioned this place to be the largest river island and thus, you should visit it as soon as possible. Not because the site is epic, but also because the area here is depleting pretty quickly. Astonishingly, the area was 1250sq km before but now has turned to 250sq km. Before it vanishes, you should visit this beautiful destination for your solo travel in India.

What to do:  Tengapania spot should be visited and there is Kamlabari Satra Temple where you can go.

11. Dhanushkodi

If you are traveling alone and enjoy adventure and crave for photography, Dhanushkodi would serve the purpose. This is an abandoned town which was destroyed by Rameshwaran cyclone in 1964. People left the region and no one lives here anymore. It reflects on the beautiful town it used to be and is favorite amid photographers.

What to do: The church still stable, but now ruined can be visited, and you can take mesmerizing pictures.

12.Gurudongmar Lake

The lake is named after the Guru Rinpoche who visited it in 8th century AD. It attracts tourists from all around the world because of being the highest lake. This sacred lake is known to be blessed by Guru Nanak. It is believed that people who pray here are blessed by a childbirth. This Lake usually remains frozen in winters.

What to do: Thangu and Chopta valleys near the lake are quite beautiful and should be visited.

13. Rann of Kutch

It has become popular throughout the world because of its beautiful white sands. “Rann” itself translates to salt marsh. Many solo bikers like to travel to this region because of the beauty it entails. The ecosystem of the area is so unique that there is even a sea nearby the desert.

What to do: You can explore the wildlife at Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary and enjoy the sunset at Mandvi Beach.

14. Spiti Valley

The name itself translates to “land between Tibet and India” and thousands of people visit this valley all by themselves because of the peace and tranquillity it offers. It is one of the most populated valleys of Himachal Pradesh because who doesn’t want to explore the nature when it’s so pure. There are several monasteries you can visit when here.

What to do: You can visit the well-known Dhankar Monastery.

15. Kasol 

One of the most romantic destinations in India can be enjoyed even when you are all by yourself. Backpack to Kasol and enjoy the view of the captivating Paravati River flowing in the village. It gives a wonderful feel to the hilly region. You can enjoy trekking when you are there and check out the markets. Indulge in delicious foods served in restaurants.

What to do: Israeli food served here is delicious. Go trekking on Kheerganga.

16. Kashmir

Known for its pristine beauty, Kashmir is one of the best destinations you can explore when on a solo trip. You get to experience heaven when you visit this state which two countries are fighting for since forever! You can go for sailing on the Dal Lake and breathe fresh air near the icy Himalayas.

What to do: You must go for Shikara Ride.

17. Manali

The famous hill station Manali attracts several tourists from all over the world throughout the year. If you go in winters, you can enjoy the view of snow clad peaks and even go for skiing. There are many other activities you can enjoy when you are there. Beauty is bestowed in this town and there are several attractions you shouldn’t miss.

What to do: Indulge in paragliding and white water rafting.

18. Shimla

Famous for its toy train, Shimla is one of the famous spots people choose to go on weekend getaways. Explore the land all by yourself, and you will feel the essence it has in the air. The toy train will pass through lush green trees and mesmerizing hills. You will have an experience of a lifetime.

What to do: Visit the ridge and Kalka-Shimla Railway.

19. Agra

One of the wonders of the world, Taj Mahal is a must visit when you are all alone. The monument is itself an epitome of love and you can get your mind blown by the mesmerizing beauty it is. Nothing needs to be said here when you have already heard about it. Tourists come here all year round and its in a “To-visit” list of all people from around the world.

What to do: Learn about every corner of Taj Mahal, what else could be a reason to go?

20. Nainital

Many schools organize a trip for kids to this destination for them to explore the wildlife in the National Park, Jim Corbett. If you have never been to one of the famous National Parks in India, you are missing out! Along with the view of beautiful Nainital, you will be able to spot different wildlife animals and have an adventurous experience in the safari.

What to do: Visit Jim Corbett and Nainital Lake.

21. Rishikesh

The paradise for river rafting, Rishikesh is a must visit for indulging in several water sports like cliff diving, and bungee jumping. The strong rapid water, even when the river is shallow is the reason people can dare to enjoy Rishikesh. Yes, it is best for creating memories with your friends, but why not go there alone and meet new adventurers people on your rafting boat?

What to do: Don’t miss out on River Rafting and camping.

22. Haridwar

When you are done being adventurous and want to visit the spiritual land, go to Haridwar. The Sadhus, the evening Artis, and the floating Diyas bring out a whole another culture in the city that you can never find in any metropolis. It is what India was in the ancient times. The religious town will offer you the peace that you have been looking for.

What to do: Involve in the prayers and visit several temples.

23. Choki Dhani

Jaipur is widely known for its historical significance. Choki Dhani is a small village close to Jaipur, where people visit to experience the white desert and the different culture. Rajasthan is known as a cultural state because that is what prevails even after years of westernization. There are several other attractions that you can visit as well.

What to do: Visit Hawa Mahal, Queen Sisodia’s Palace Garden, and Amer Fort.

24. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer attracts several tourists because of the beautiful Thar Desert. It even holds a desert festival in the month of February which people love to attend. You can go alone and participate in different activities like folk performances and music competitions. If not, you can simply enjoy watching people showcase their talents.

What to do: Take camel rides and purchase unique handicrafts.

25. Amritsar

Another spiritual city is Amritsar because of the presence of Golden Temple. Many people come from all over India to worship the Guru they have a lot of faith in. You can even visit Wagah Border and enjoy our guards celebrating ceremony. It is an overwhelming experience for the Patriots. You will definitely love your country, a little bit more once you view the ceremony.

What to do: Visit Golden Temple, Jallianwalah Bagh, and Wagah Border

There is nothing better than having a trip alone, where you can do whatever you want and live with your thoughts. It brings change within you, to a level which daily work life won’t be able to. It is a nice way to break from your regular routines and sometimes an experience all alone, is much better than with friends. So gear up and pack your bags!

Source – Treebo.