19 Pictures Of Motorcycles People Left Behind

While most riders appreciate their bikes, some take their rides for granted. Instead of looking after their rides, some motorbike owners don’t mind parting with their two-wheeled vehicles. To show their possessions respect, riders should sell their bikes if they want to part ways. Sadly, some bike owners don’t care about their bikes and want to dispose of them in the cruelest manner. Most of us would love to own bikes, but some bike owners have abandoned their rides. We stumbled upon motorbikes that their owners left on the side of the road, hid in bushes, or abandoned underground. If you’re a true motorbike fanatic, the abandoned motorbike pictures we’ll reveal will make you wonder why some people own bikes.


After having fun with their bikes, some owners dispose of them by leaving them in the countryside. It seems that this spot is reserved for abandoned vehicles, as several other vehicles are accompanying the blue bike. A green Honda bike, as well as a rusted car, occupy the spot that the overgrown grass has infested. The fenders of the blue bike have rusted, and somebody has removed the front tire as well as the engine. The remainder of the vehicle has decayed. Even a junkyard could probably not make use of the remaining parts. This is a great machine that has gone to waste.


A scrambler motorbike is fun to ride on the road but especially off-road. Why anybody would want to abandon a bike is beyond me. Maybe the owner thought that this bike’s best days were behind it and that he could move on to something better. The best thing you can do with any material possession is to show appreciation, as that will result in acquiring better possessions. The worst thing you can do is abandon your possessions, as that shows you take them for granted. Although the bike is in bad condition, a good mechanic could restore it to make it fully functional.


Many self-help pundits state that individuals are a product of their environment, which plays a big role in influencing us. That seems to be true, as this bike has become a product of its environment. It seems that the bike has been abandoned for so long that leaves are covering the precious machine. The sad part of the story is that the bike looks new and could operate if somebody discovered it. What I find strange is that the bike is located next to the main road and nobody has tampered with the bike. Whoever discovers the bike will be a lucky soul.


The unfortunate part of some of the abandoned bikes on the list is that the machines are irreparable. This bike has been exposed to such gruesome conditions that restoring it would be an arduous task if not impossible. The bike has suffered so much damage that the repair costs would amount to buying a new bike. Almost every part of the bike is damaged. Little can be done with some bikes to bring them back to their original condition. That’s pertinent to this bike, and it’s so sad to see a good bike go to waste.


When you talk about classic motorbikes, one of the worthy mentions is a Hercules. Sachs is a German-based motorcycle manufacturer founded in 1886. The company is one of the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturers. After a series of financial troubles, the company had to undergo insolvency proceedings but had a successful management buyout. In the ’50s and the ’60s, Sachs was the largest European fabricator of two-stroke motorcycle engines. The manufacturer used many of those in the Hercules line of small motorcycles. Had the owner maintained the bike, he would’ve possessed a classic bike.


If you’re going to abandon your motorbikes, at least cover them with a tarp. This sad tale involves not one but two abandoned motorbikes. The motorbikes have been abandoned for so long that mud has swept over the bikes and covered these precious vehicles.

Although the bikes look like a mess, a little effort is required to restore the bikes to their original condition. After a good scrub and mechanical work, the two bikes should be back on the road. The only problem with recovering these two bikes is that someone has to find the lone rangers.


Using a bike to attract attention is acceptable as long as you maintain the vehicle. This motorbike is used as a decoration, but the unfortunate part of the story is that the bike has rusted, as nobody has granted it care. The fenders, the fuel tank, and the exhaust have rusted. The front tire is deflated, and the seat cover has decayed. Maybe after a good paint job and a lot of mechanical work, the bike will be back to working condition. If the owner had used the bike for display, he or she could’ve built a cover to prevent the sun and rain from rusting the bike.


Certain bikes are destined for doom. These two bikes have suffered the worst of tragedies. Being abandoned is bad enough, but decaying to the point where no mechanic can restore the bike’s state is sad. That seems to be the fate for these two bikes. Whoever attempts to restore these bikes will have a tremendous task to accomplish.

The bikes look irreparable, and I wonder if a dedicated bike restorer could bring the vehicles back to life. Leaving two bikes behind that look like fun rides is so unfortunate. The vicinity looks as though it caught fire and burnt.


At first glance, you think that somebody placed the bike on the ground but would return to the vehicle. But then, when you see the rusted exhaust and fuel tank, you know that nobody is coming back for the bike. That’s so unfortunate, as the bike has retained all its parts. The worst-case scenario is that the owner has to do mechanical work to the bike for it to function. The owner will incur costs during the project but could sell the bike if he or she doesn’t intend to retain ownership. After all, it’s better to make money from the bike as opposed to abandoning the vehicle.


Although the bikes on the list are abandoned, most could function after mechanical work. That isn’t the case for this bike, as the bike is irreparable. The abandoned two-wheeler has been exposed to unbearable conditions for so long that all the parts have decayed.

I wonder if a junkyard can use any of the bike’s parts. Probably not. This bike has seen the end of the road, but the alternative would’ve been to dispose of it at a junkyard if the owner didn’t want to sell the bike. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.


Some of the bikes on our list are classic Harleys, while others are scooters. Regardless of the bike’s perceived value, seeing an abandoned motorbike is always heartbreaking. It seems that the owner of this scooter felt that the joyride was over and abandoned it beside the road. The good news is that the scooter has retained its parts and could function if the right individual took it in its care. The bike will need a new seat and a paint job, and it’ll look as good as new. No bike should be abandoned, regardless of its value.


One of the things that I struggle to comprehend about abandoned vehicles is the collection in one area. Is the spot known for being an abandoned vehicle site, or what is it one owner who disposed of all his vehicles in the same spot? This site seems to be a place for getting rid of your vehicles. Numerous bikes occupy this abandoned site. Everything on the premises has rusted, not only the bikes. The sad thing is that the bikes look as if they could function had the owner taken good care. Most of the bikes would’ve been classics had they survived.


Getting unintentionally stuck in the mud with your vehicle is a terrible experience. While most of us keep our vehicles away from the mud, the owner of this bike disposed of it in muddy terrain. The spot seems to be a dumping site, as several tires are also in the vicinity.

The bike has decayed so much that it’s difficult to make out the model, but it looks like an impressive ride. Selling the bike would’ve been a much better option. The mud has clogged up the engine, and the back tire is completely tattered.


Some motorbike owners seem to have a lot of money; hence, they don’t mind stashing their bikes behind the house. Part of the collection of bikes covered by pot plants and planks includes a Kawasaki and a Suzuki. Both Japanese manufacturers make outstanding bikes that most riders would love to own. The Kawasaki has received most of the exposure to the different conditions, as the fender and the handlebars are rusted. Those are great bikes that haven’t been used. The Kawasaki’s light-green color makes the bike blend into the tree bush.


While some of us dream of owning one bike, others are fortunate to own several. The owner of these bikes left them outside behind the house and covered them with a tarp and a garbage bin. The extreme conditions seem to have worn out the tarp, resulting in the exposure of the bikes to unbearable conditions. At least two of the bikes are Hondas, and the others look as if they’re in working condition. The owner of the bikes could’ve made good money by maintaining the bikes and putting them on the market. The condition of those bikes has deteriorated due to the exposure to unpleasant weather.


What could be worse than abandoning your motorbike behind a shed that nobody can find? Well, leaving your motorbike beside the road could be worse. These two bikes are tied to a tree and on display for the passersby. The bikes have rusted, and the tires have deflated. The tattered seats and rusted handlebars reveal that the bikes have been abandoned for some time. What’s interesting is that the parts on both of the bikes still remain. It seems that nobody has fiddled with the motorbikes by removing any of the parts.


Who’d think that someone would leave an entire warehouse filled with motorbikes? According to Messy Nessy Chic, David Cuff of the website Classic Cycles discovered an abandoned warehouse filled with motorbikes in Lockport, New York. Cuff claims that the basement was full of rusty bikes. He walked upstairs and was aghast to discover another room filled with motorbikes. “The room was full of motorcycles. There were holes on the main floor with motorcycles falling into the basement, and there were motorcycles on the third floor falling onto the main floor,” Cuff said.


You’re forgiven for thinking that this is a motorbike junkyard, considering the number of abandoned bikes. The so-called graveyard is situated in China, according to the Daily Mail. The unfortunate circumstances leading to the abandoned motorbikes are a result of a strict ban that the authorities have enforced. Police launched a crackdown on illegal motorbikes, which is a major issue in Shenzhen, South China. Police seized 11,000 motorbikes within 11 days. The officers received rewards for each confiscated motorbike. The mess consists of hogs and off-road bikes littering an empty area under the Nantou Toll Bridge expressway in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.


If you want masculinity that some men don’t have, then you need to buy a Harley Davidson. Handling a big machine such as a Harley between your legs communicates to women that you’re an alpha male. Most bike riders would love to own a Harley, especially a classic. The pictured Harley Davidson is a 1940 Knucklehead, a timeless classic. Instead of abandoning the bike, the owner should’ve looked after it and sold it for a great profit. Bikes such as the Knucklehead are scarce, and motorbike collectors are seeking such magnificent machinery.

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