15 Of The Smallest Hotel Rooms That People Can Actually Rent

One of the most important aspects of traveling is finding the perfect accommodation! Depending on your budget, there are some luxury hotels that can truly take your breath away, however, if you are looking to save a buck or two on a room, then behold, there are some pretty extraordinary rooms out there that you can rent out for cheap. Although the cost won’t be as high, you’ll definitely be getting what you pay for.These are the 15 of the smallest hotel rooms that people can actually rent!


If you are looking to truly become one with nature, look no further! The Free Spirit Spheres located in Tree Farm, British Columbia, offers accommodation within the trees. As great as that sounds, you won’t be staying in your standard hotel room, but in spherical ball feet above the ground. The site offers three types of spheres, the Lune, Melody, and Eryn, all ranging from $299 to $329 a night, depending on which you choose, says the Free Spirit Spheres website. This unique experience allows you to sleep amongst nature, in one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces! Can’t really put a price tag on that, now can we?


From spheres within the forests to spheres in a Spanish natural park, Hotel Aire de Bardenas offers one of the most unique hotel experiences in all of Spain! The hotel offers rooms in both transparent spheres, and cubes, that have awesome views of the countryside. According to I-Escape, the hotel also offers elegant restaurants that serve food from the on-site garden, making it not only a delicious meal but a fresh one too! Although the experience is a rare one, it’ll definitely cost you! According to Expedia, a standard night costs up to $310.


CityHub is a hotel located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is described as a “funky” hotel in the heart of Amsterdam that is comprised mostly of dorms and capsule-style beds. According to HostelWorld, rooms rate for nearly $100 a night, and includes Bluetooth speakers, self-service bar, free Wi-Fi and mood lighting of various colors, that offer a relaxing feeling for travelers staying the night.


9 Hours Hostel is located in Tokyo, Japan, and is too a capsule styled hostel that offers pods for guests no bigger than themselves. The hotel, which looks similar to the sleeping quarters of sci-fi films, includes a bed, blanket, charging port and light, all within your individual capsule, that according to Hotels.com, runs from $60 – $80 a night, depending on the season you travel. Reviews left behind have gushed about the “large, clean bathrooms”, which according to the Hostel website, are shared.


If you have ever wondered what it would be like to live in a sewer pipe, then wait no further! The Das Park Hotel is located in Ottensheim, Austria, and provides travelers with the true sewer pipe experience, minus everything you would find in a sewer pipe that is! According to Uniq Hotels, the Das Park Hotel is located in a private park, with numerous large pipes that open to reveal a cozy and modern room, filled with a bed, charging ports, shelving units and funky art that can make staying at this unique accommodation quite the experience.


These spaceship-esque capsule rooms are available for any traveler heading to Vietnam in the future! Located in Ho Chi Minh, these awesome, yet small rooms are in the heart of the city, close to transit, markets and numerous tourist attractions, claims Agoda. In addition, the hotel labels themselves as a “no-nonsense capsule hotel”, so don’t expect to get away with much while staying there! If you’re the claustrophobic type, then this might not be the most ideal location for you, however, if you’re up to paying as little as $20 for a room, according to Expedia.ca, then definitely check it out!


Snoozebox is a portable hotel located in several locations across the United Kingdom. According to Sleeper Magazine, the pop-up inspired hotel uses shipping containers from Asia to create their unique rooms, that become available during major worldwide events, such as the Silverstone Grand Prix, and Edinburgh Festival. The rooms include everything you need, from stacked beds, private bathrooms, and storage space, this makes for the ideal location when traveling abroad! If you manage to get lucky enough to pop by a Snoozebox, take advantage and snag a room while you still can!


Bloc Hotels are a UK based hotel chain with various location across England. The hotel is noted for the innovative design of its rooms, which are actually constructed off site and later installed in a hotel, says BlocHotels.com. The entire concept is said to be inspired by capsule hotels across the world, which offer small spaces for guests, at a decent price. If you are looking to stay at a Bloc Hotel, you can expect to pay anywhere between $55 to $72 a night according to TripAdvisor.com.


Sleepbox Hotel is located in Moscow, Russia. According to Deezen, Sleebox is the first ever capsule style hotel in Moscow, and is offered at the Moscow airport, labeled as a “tiny hotel”. Although the Sleepbox hotel in Moscow, has since permanently closed, travelers can still stay at their countless other locations throughout Russia, Europe, and the United States, for as little as $70 to $110, depending on the size and location of the hotel room, says Sleepbox.com.


Capsule by Container, which also goes by the name Capsule Transit Hotel, is located at the KL International Airport in Selangor, Malaysia. The cozy, and modern hotel offers 1-person capsules that fit a single bed, and enough space to sleep, or layout and get some work done, while on your travels. The facilities also offer shoe cabinets, locker rentals and showers too, says Capsule Transit. If you are ever traveling through Malaysia, and need a quick rest, and shower, you can do all that for as little as $44, says Agoda Travel.


Much like the previous sewer pipe inspired hotel room in Austria, the TuboHotel offers a similar experience. Located in Tepoztlan, Mexico, this quirky yet quaint budget hotel is made up of stacked concrete tubes, says ArchDaily, making for quite the travel experience. Although the rooms may appear snug, they are in fact cozy and perfect for any solo traveler or couple, looking for a place to stay in Mexico. According to Priceline, rooms run for $47 a night, and include lockers, shared bathrooms, an outdoor pool, continental breakfast and picnic tables!


Contain Hotel is located on the Elbe riverbank in the Czech Republic and offers a trio of stacked shipping containers, that make up five micro hotel suites! According to UnCrate, the hotel can sleep up to 13 people a night, and includes shared washrooms, storage, shared terraces, and custom-made furniture to go with the birch plywood walls and ceilings. Arch Daily claims this hotel is a “must do” when visiting the Czech Republic, however, it’s best to save up prior to your visit, because, at $350 a night, these rooms aren’t cheap.


Manshausen Island Resort is located in none other than Manshausen, Norway! The hotel itself offers impressive sea and mountain views from each unit, several of which are just at the edge of the sea, stacked on top of rocks! According to The Guardian, the resort was created by polar explorer Borge Ousland, who incorporated a minimalistic styling when designing the layout of the rooms. The cabin-style rooms offer a sense of tranquility and relaxation, which is what the hotel strives, according to their website. So, if you are looking for a place to bask in some beautiful views, all while taking a breather, this is the place for you.


Tubo Tulum offers rooms in an interesting fashion, but cool just the same! The tubes are surrounded by jungle in the Riviera Maya and is a few kilometers away from countless tourist attractions and historical sites that Mexico has to offer. According to HostelWorld, the site offers a complimentary breakfast that is served in a rustic dining area with a thatched roof! If you’re looking to stay here during your next adventure to Tulum, Mexico, definitely vie Tubo Tulum a shot, especially when rooms start as low as $19, according to Booking.com.


A hotel created out of a Volkswagen Beetle and placed in the middle of the Jordanian desert claims to be the world’s smallest hotel. The car, complete with hand-embroidered sheets and pillows, fits up to two guests at a time. The creator, Mohammed al Malaheem, created the hotel as a way to show guests how stunning the area can be. Visitors can visit the “lobby” in a nearby cave, where al Malaheem serves local beverages and snacks. The hotel sits in the desert village of Al Jaya, where visitors will find a serene remote landscape and the 12th-century castle of Montreal. Rates start at around $56 per night.

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