Whether it is the aromatic spice gardens, the enchanting Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, the blissfully rejuvenating Kerala massages, or the supremely scenic Munnar-Kumily drive, Thekkady draws visitors effortlessly.

The refreshingly aromatic air here beckons a reviving break absolutely any time of the year, although the best time to visit Thekkady is October to February.

Mostly chosen as a short-stay destination of one-two nights, Thekkady offers incredibly authentic experiences. There is no better way to bask in all this goodness than opting for homestays in Thekkady.

Here’s a lowdown on some of the best homestays in the form of traditional Kerala homes, contemporary houses and even tree houses!

15 Homestays In Thekkady, Kumily And Periyar

1. Morley’s Place

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-Morley_s_Place123_47a3ba79989edb76fe2708339edef90b.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Imagine waking up to the view of tea plantations, with a sweet and spicy lingering fragrance in the breeze sweeping the spice gardens and the tea leaves. The Morley’s Place is where you can do that.

Apart from all the basic amenities, this AirBnb features some fabulous opportunities you can undertake to soak up the surrounding natural beauty. The host can arrange guided hikes through the tea plantations, forest treks, elephant rides and even a 4WD jeep safari!

The property’s caretaker, Muthu is known to be very friendly and accommodating. Host Philip will not be on the property but is just a phone call away.

Where? – Vandiperiyar, Kerala

What’s coolest? – You are surrounded by spice and tea plantations and are on the River Periyar’s banks

How much? – ₹4,494 per night

What’s free? – Kitchen, TV, Essentials, Shampoo, Parking on premises, Wireless Internet and Children’s books and toys

What’s the Check In? – NA

2. Jungle Palace Home Stay

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-Jungle_Palace_Home_Stay123_0da33deba41a8e97190c95740783d038.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

If the name intrigues you already, here’s some more FYI.

Featuring a huge balcony/patio that doubles up as a watch tower, this homestay is a great place to observe wildlife in the adjoining tiger reserve. My favourite part of this property is the super cosy cane swing with comfortable cushioning that lets you look into infinity. A good companion on this would be a spiced, masala chai and a book perhaps!

An incredibly calm and clean place with the host reachable by a call.

Where? – Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? – The tiger reserve at a 5-minute walk!

How much? – ₹1,477 per night

What’s free? – TV, Free parking on premises, Wireless Internet and Cable TV

What’s the Check In? – Any time after 12PM (noon)

3. Mundakal Paradise Thekkady

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-Mundakal_Paradise_Thekkady123_02aac984ae579689d5a4a87db49db6a0.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

This property reflects the host’s love for trees making for a snug house. Further, features like a hammock, wood-framed windows, and potted plants uplift the welcoming vibe of this place. The interiors are warm and cosy, along with a good observance of cleanliness.

The host Nishant is a very friendly provider. He will help you with getting around Thekkady, suggest the best things to do in Thekkady, and even assist you with finding his property, should that be an issue. He has worked in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry and is from Thekkady itself.

Where? – Thekkady, Kerala

What’s coolest? – Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary just a kilometre away

How much? – ₹963 per night

What’s free? – TV, Free parking on premises, Wireless Internet and Cable TV

What’s the Check In? – Any time after 2PM

4. Ferndale Homestay

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-Ferndale_Homestay123_b2aaf797faf020a521879f955a34c84c.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

The ultimate Airbnb experience of living with the hosts can be achieved at the Ferndale Homestay. The property boasts of a central location, with prime attractions lying within proximity.

A well-furnished house with a very well-equipped kitchen is what you can look forward to during your stay here. The exteriors depict a traditional Kerala house with lots of white pillars.

The very friendly hosts will make you feel at home. If you wish to, they can also arrange activities like jeep safaris, kathakali dance programs, a trek in the forest and massages for you.

Where? – Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? – A traditional Kerala house where you can live with warm hosts

How much? – ₹899 per night

What’s free? – Kitchen, TV, Essentials, Washer, Cable TV, Breakfast, Pets allowed

What’s the Check In? – Flexible

5. The Green Edge Thekkady

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-The_Green_Edge_Thekkady123_0e2768ade2907f2b9590e08493cbe844.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Dotted by plenty of palm and banana trees and earthy hues of green and brown, the Green Edge Airbnb is located centrally. Despite its very central location, this house is nestled in the quiet area of the town. As you arrive, you will be bequeathed with a welcoming sight of a pond. The interiors carry the green theme of the exteriors too. Good cleanliness can be observed throughout the property. Every room features an LED TV.

On request, you can avail delicious home-cooked meals and an exclusive bonfire on a mountain in the town!

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? Homemade meals (surchargeable)

How much? ₹1,027 per night

What’s free? Kitchen, TV, Essentials and Washer

What’s the Check In? Any time after 12PM (noon)

6. Oriole Homestay

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-Oriole_Homestay123_ccadd79c61f4d5f24d2ed4e9d75ea4fe.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Friendly and very knowledgeable hosts, spacious, clean and fresh rooms; what’s not to love?! The Oriole Homestay lies within close reach of the Periyar Tiger Reserve. The house has been welcoming guests ever since 2008. It is especially a great place for nature lovers to choose owing to the host Mr. Girish Kumar who apart from being a great host, enlightens visitors at a local resort as a nature interpreter and bird-watcher.

There are two bedrooms here, each featuring a private balcony with swings. Extra guests are not surcharged!

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? Very knowledgeable hosts

How much? ₹1,990 per night

What’s free? Children’s books and toys, Kitchen, Breakfast, TV, Essentials, Parking on premises

What’s the Check In? 2PM – 9PM

7. Hillocks Plantation House

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-Hillocks_Plantation_House123_ac241332c9c12b8925557f88722f043a.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

A gorgeous property to stay at, especially, if you are visiting with a big group, the Hillocks Plantation house depicts a lovely, wooden, Kerala home. The house is characterised by traditional sloping, timber roof and lots of foliage, acquired from the cardamom plantation. It’s a very refreshing contrast to the eyes given the distinct hues of brown and green! The interiors too are warm and snug characterised by the usage of lots of wood.

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? Can accommodate 16+ people

How much? ₹1,798 per night

What’s free? Kitchen, TV, Essentials, Shampoo and Wi-Fi

What’s the Check In? Flexible

8. Neema Homes

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-Neema_Homes1213_13774a34ae460196a983d4e2f67b0964.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

A preferred choice for budget places to stay in Thekkady, the Neema Homes can easily surprise visitors for the goodness that comes for the price they pay. The house shares a common border with the stunning Periyar Tiger Reserve forest. There are spice gardens around where you can stroll whenever you wish!

The interiors of the house are remarkably neat and clean. Abdul, the host, is very friendly and will make sure to make you feel at home. Most of the major attractions of Periyar lie in proximity.

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? Lots of opportunities for bird spotting

How much? ₹899 per night

What’s free? Kitchen, Internet, TV, Essentials, Wi-Fi and Washer

What’s the Check In? 12PM (noon)

9. Wildernest Bed & Breakfast

media_gallery-2019-04-30-12-Wildernest_Bed123_bbd31181ecd1a4b0e617c7584c77eeff.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Set at an altitude of 900 meters, the Wilder Nest Bed & Breakfast maximizes the prevailing natural beauty of the adjoining region. An all-stone structure, this property depicts a lovely Scottish house. The rooms are tastefully done with good usage of wooden furniture and wrought-iron seating in the patio.

This is a place that is no less than a retreat, self-sufficient to the point that it even has its own library. However, if you must go out, the management can arrange activities like boating, trekking and boat rides for you.

Don’t forget to indulge in the plum cake here!

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? Common balcony, space to eat, courtyard, and a library

How much? ₹2,503 per night

What’s free? Internet, TV, Essentials, Shampoo, Wireless Internet, Cable TV, Breakfast and Hair dryer

What’s the Check In? Any time after 12PM (noon)

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10. Eco friendly tree house

media_gallery-2019-04-30-13-Eco_friendly_tree_house123_af55edc960f62ec6d04250d32dae2146.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

You read that right, a treehouse!

An experience of its kind, a stay at this Eco-friendly tree house will bestow you with a high point view of the cardamom plantations it is nestled in.  There’s a huge glass window that lets you enjoy the outdoors even from the room. Evenings can be spent in the balcony that has cane chairs going well with the theme of décor. Sitting here in the evening and sipping on some cardamom tea is no short of a whisk to heaven!

The houses are perched at a height of 10 feet above the ground, thus, not ideal for senior citizens or pregnant women.

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? The balcony with cane chairs

How much? ₹2,504 per night

What’s free? Essentials, Shampoo, Free parking on premises, Wireless Internet and Parking

What’s the Check In? Any time after 2PM

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11. Tabernacle Plantation

media_gallery-2019-04-30-13-Tabernacle_Plantation123_bcc8e544d959a1e844f833525d582b23.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Experience what it would be like to stay at a 150-acre cardamom plantation at the Double Room at Tabernacle Plantation Thekkady. Along with the plantation, five man-made lakes are the highlight of this property. You can explore these lakes by renting a free of cost rowboat. Try your hand at fishing at one of the lakes here.

The property is a great deal as value for money. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the prices. Additionally, the host can also arrange a complimentary tour in the cardamom plantation.

Along with regular spotting of bison, gaur and deer, watch out for a bear that is known to be a frequent visitor!

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? You can frequently spot gaur, bison and deer from this Airbnb

How much? ₹2,889 per night

What’s free? TV, Essentials, Shampoo, and Free parking on premises

What’s the Check In? Any time after 2PM

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12.  Jaya’s home

media_gallery-2019-04-30-13-Jaya___s_home123_486518c48be802a913b2ff4dc61dc1f0.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Nestled in a cosy 4-acre cardamom plantation, this Airbnb is run by a friendly host and LIC agent, Jaya. You get to experience authentic, local living at its best here.

Choose this property if you are looking for a local experience and opportunities for bird watching. The host especially remarks that the dusk here is no short of any magic, as the sun begins to rise. The host is easily reachable, as she, along with her son and husband, lives on the first floor of the house.

Where? Periyar, Kerala

What’s coolest? Thoughtfully done interiors and verdant surroundings

How much? ₹5,327 per night

What’s free? Essentials, Free parking on premises, and Wireless Internet

What’s the Check In? Any time after 2PM

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13. Treehouse Nestled in a Spice Plantation

media_gallery-2019-04-30-13-Treehouse_Nestled123_890b2d831b73179635ef86b32dbb1e83.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Another treehouse on this list of homestays, this property is an all-wooden treehouse, so much so that even the interiors comprise of rich, teak furniture and partitions. A very picturesque property with gravel stones, leading you to a deep-red staircase that is your flight to unparalleled serenity. Owing to the dense forests in the 15 acres of plantations, you will wake up to the melodious chirping of birds.

While the bedrooms are rustic with all the use of wood, the bathrooms are nice and plus with marble flooring and modern fittings.

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? Settlement in 15 acres of plantations

How much? ₹8,472 per night

What’s free? Breakfast, Plantation visit, Farm visit, Trekking

What’s the Check In? Any time after 12PM (noon)

14. Kerala House

media_gallery-2019-04-30-13-Treehouse_Nestled123_890b2d831b73179635ef86b32dbb1e83.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

If you are looking for spacious homestays in Thekkady, you cannot go wrong with this property. Every room comes with a balcony that bequeaths you with sweeping views of the adjoining tiger reserve. It is located close to the main attractions of Thekkady and some of the best places to eat in Thekkady. Lounging in the balcony, in the evening, may bestow you with sights of some wildlife like a sambar.

Choose this property if you are big on spacious rooms and great views!

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? Every room comes with a forest-facing balcony

How much? ₹1,476 per night

What’s free? Internet, TV, Free parking on premises and Wireless Internet

What’s the Check In? NA

15. The Pepper Valley 1

media_gallery-2019-04-30-13-The_Pepper_Valley_1123_ac9524c91d6c70de3eb19d12392b9215.jpgImage Source: Booking.com

Finally, we have one of the best properties on this list of homestays in Thekkady. The Pepper Valley 1 is an entire house you can live at. It kind of resembles colonial structures with its pillar and sloping roofs. There is a lovely garden that you can laze around in the afternoons. Several waterfalls in the adjoining region keep you occupied to spend the afternoons! There’s a river too in the vicinity.

The best part of this place is that you can completely switch off, literally. In fact, you don’t have a choice, since there’s no network here!

Where? Kumily, Kerala

What’s coolest? A beautiful garden, waterfalls around the corner and no network

How much? ₹8,472 per night

What’s free? Kitchen, Essentials and Free parking on premises

What’s the Check In? Any time after 12PM (noon)

Too hard to resist? This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Get set and go, you are sure to have one lovely sojourn!

Disclaimer: Mentioned homestay prices are subject to change.

Note: Some of the images are for representational purpose only.

Written By – Seema Nande, Source – Treebo.