15 Luxury Cars That Will Last A Lifetime

The automobile market is saturated with vehicles. Manufacturers unveil new models every year that have improved specs to stay ahead of the competition. Whether you are a new buyer or have owned a vehicle for years, buying a car is a challenge. Although elegance, comfort, and performance are important aspects to consider when purchasing a vehicle, consumers are most concerned about reliability.


Japan’s car manufacturers dominate the list. That should not come as a surprise considering that the Toyota Camry dominate the U.S midsize sedan market. Although the Honda Accord managed to bump the Toyota Corolla off the top spot, the Corolla achieved top reliability ratings from Consumer Reports from 2002 until 2017. Long gone are the days that the Camry had a bland exterior design, as Toyota is adamant on making vehicles that look as good as they are reliable. The 2018 model has achieved the same regard for reliability as its predecessors.

14. FORD F-150

Everything exists for a reason. One of the reasons that the F-150 has existed as the best selling vehicle in America for years is the reliability. The other reasons are the performance, luxury, hauling ability, and elegant aesthetics. Production for this magnificent vehicle commenced in 1947 and hasn’t stopped.

Consumer Reports have featured the F-150 in the most reliable list for numerous years.

As of 2018, the F-series generates more than $40 billion in revenue for Ford, making the brand one of the most lucrative in the world.


Drivers of the Accord do not need to worry about spending countless days at the mechanic to fix breakdown problems, as the car had the highest reliability scores from Consumer Reports from 2011 until the present day. That makes sense considering that testers and owners were unable to find a recurring problem in the sedan. The Japan-based manufacturer has produced the vehicle since 1976. Currently, in its tenth generation, the Accord 2018 went on sale in the United States in 2017 and proved to be as reliable as the previous models.


The only cars that have proven to be a formidable opponent to the carmakers of Japan’s reliability are the America-based ones. One of the cars that have not let the taxi drivers and police in the United States down is the Ford Crown Victoria.

Ford produced the Crown Victoria from 1991 until 2011.

The car endured countless miles on the road and proved to be reliable as taxi drivers and the cops have roamed the likes of New York City with the vehicle until the present day.


The South Korea-native brand has come a long way since it started producing the Rio in 2000. Currently, in its fourth generation, the Rio has proven that it is reliable, as Consumer Reports have featured the vehicle after extensively testing the car’s reliability. The body styles of the Rio include a three and a five-door hatchback and a four-door sedan. The Rio replaced the Pride, a rebadged version of the Ford Festiva. The South Korea-based manufacturer introduced the second generation to North America in 2006 and haven’t looked back.


Since consumers became more conscious of the environment, the demand for green cars from car manufacturers has skyrocketed, and many hybrid car buyers were worried about losing their investment due to the potential failure of the electric car battery.

The Toyota Prius put those doubts to rest, as the car has achieved the top reliability score from Consumer Reports for twelve consecutive years.

All the variants, from the tiny C and V wagons, share the same reliability as the sedan. Consumers nor testers could find a flaw in the Prius, making it one of the most reliable passenger cars produced.

9. AUDI Q3

Buyers who prefer reliable Germany-born vehicles can opt for the Audi Q3. Although in production only since 2011, the Q3 has saved owners exorbitant repair costs by staying away from the mechanic. The luxury subcompact crossover SUV has a transverse mounted front engine. One of the drawbacks of the vehicle is that it has a 2-liter engine under the bonnet that is capable of producing an average of 150 horsepower. Consumers who purchase the vehicle shouldn’t expect performance but can demand reliability.


When you buy from any of the three leading Japan-based automakers, you can be certain that you are getting value for your money. These cars have proven that they are reliable even if electric.

Although Tesla has mixed reviews for reliability, the Nissan Leaf proved that electric cars could compete with the most reliable vehicles.

The first generation Nissan Leaf obtained the top rating from Consumer Reports for the first four years of the car’s presence on the market. The new model is reliable as the first generation.


The ride is more fun when you’re in an SUV. The only thing better than that is driving an SUV that is one of the most reliable vehicles on the road. Although the 4Runner’s design hasn’t significantly changed throughout the years, the one aspect that consumers will be glad has remained the same is the reliability factor. Consumer Reports awarded the 4Runner the top durability score for thirteen consecutive years. The car’s design has remained the same since 2010 and its durability hasn’t wavered either. Consumers who purchase the 4Runner are getting a one-of-a-kind vehicle.


The production run for TSX ended in 2014, but buyers will be delighted to know that Consumers Reports proclaim the car as one of the most reliable of the last decade. Apart from Lexus, consumers have struggled to find a luxury car that is reliable.

The Acura TSX is the answer that consumers have been trying to find.

Models between 2009 and 2014 achieved the highest rating for reliability on the Consumer Reports list. Although the cars are second hand, the purchase makes sense for consumers seeking practicality from a vehicle.


Who can argue that the MX-5 Miata provides endless fun and reliability? The Japan-based manufacturer has produced the lightweight two-passenger roadster with a rear-wheel-drive layout since 1989. Mazda sold more than 400,000 units of the first generation between 1989 and 1997. Since then, Mazda has not disappointed with the practicality and durability of the vehicle, as evidenced by the consistent high sales every year. Drivers who want a fun ride while not worrying about breaking down have the MX-5 Miata as an option.


You don’t have to drive a sedan to understand what it feels like not to spend exorbitant amounts on repair costs. Since numerous North American drivers prefer a pickup, as opposed to a sedan, they can purchase the Silverado.

Besides featuring on Consumer Reports’ list as one of the most reliable vehicles for several years, the Silverado has achieved awards for the car of the year

The Silverado can haul up to 2000 pounds, and the 2018 model comes as a special edition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Chevrolet trucks.


If Toyota has proven one thing by manufacturing the RX, it is the ability to deliver reliability in any format. While most consumers are used to the reliability of the Corolla and the Tacoma, the Lexus RX is a luxury car that has been a top marque for numerous years due to its reliability. The car achieved the top score on the Consumer Reports list from 2010 until 2015. Although the Japan-based manufacturer redesigned the 2016 model, that did not affect the reliability. The only problem with the 2016 model that consumers may experience is the infotainment system, according to “Cheat-Sheet”.


The Sierra is one of three pickups featured on the list. If you feature the Silverado on a reliability list, then you have to include the Sierra as the two trucks are mechanically identical.

Considering that the Silverado offers durability, the Sierra will allow consumers the same benefit.

General Motors offers the Sierra as a variant of the Chevrolet pickup. The Sierra has a 5.3-liter V8 engine that is capable of pumping of 360 horsepower. Power and reliability haven’t felt as good as in a Sierra.


Consumers who are pedantic about driving one of the most reliable sedans on the road will have to test drive the Lexus ES. If you check with Consumer Reports, you will discover that the ES has not scored below the highest reliability rating every year since 2008. Not only is the car luxurious but has proven for the last 11 years that it will not disappoint. Testers nor owners could find flaws in the transmission, engine, fuel systems or electricals. Consumers who want a luxury car that has reliability unlike any other vehicle in its segment should opt for the Lexus ES.