10 Railway Stations That Are Famous for Their Delicious Food

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think of trains? The beautiful long wired tracks curving at a junction, giving you time to take in the serene view? Or is it just a mode of transportation?

Be it anything, there is one aspect that you wouldn’t have thought. There are railway stations where people flock in hundrends just to eat the delicious food. I kid you not. This piece of information is true.

Kozhikode Halwa at Calicut, Kerala.

This famous delicacy is famous amongst people at Calicut. If you ever go to Calicut, then you have to taste this famous halwa and banana chips. It will be an experience you shall never forget.

Chicken Cutlet at Howrah, West Bengal.

Soft inside and crispy on the outside, these oh-so-tasty cutlets will melt in your mouth. To add the extra twist, it is served with a green chutney. So, if you are living near Howrah Railway Station or visiting it, then forget the fish, get these delicious cutlets ASAP.

Pazham Pori at Palakkad Station, Kerala.

The ripe banana fritters, also known as Pazham Pori is an important delicacy for people to munch on at all times and in all seasons.

Aaloo Tikki at Tundla, UP.

Are you as dedicated towards food as I am? Because trains usually don’t stop at this station. So, you will have to rush to get a bite of these crispy yet soft Aloo Tikki layered with curd, sliced onions and garam masala.

Rabri at Abu Road, Rajasthan.

Served in a clay pot, the mouth-watering rabri is rich with nuts and other flavour enhancing the ingredients. This has to be a must-have among the list. So, be on the lookout whenever you’re in Rajasthan for this lip-smacking delicacy.

Poha at Ratlam, MP

This is the favourite one of every person living in the state of MP. But there is something about Ratlam’s Pohe that brings people to their station every day all day!

Chole Bhature at Jalandhar, Punjab

My God, the Bhatures look so yummy! I can only imagine how wonderful must they taste. If you are tempted too, then book a ticket to Jalandhar and hog on these lovely Bhatures of LOVE.

Chicken Biryani at Shoranur, Kerala.

At Shoranur Railway Station, they make biryani with tender and juicy chicken. It uses all the local spices which ups the taste. If I were you, this would definitely be on my bucket list.

Camel tea at Surendranagar, Gujarat.

You should definitely try this camel tea because it is nothing like you have tasted before. Found in Surendranagar, Gujarat, you will always come back for this.

Aaloo Dum at Kharagpur, West Bengal.

Loaded with your favourite spices, Aaloo Dum at Kharagpur Railway Station is just what you need.

So, what are you waiting for? Get some of these already!