VIDEO: Woman slips from train in Mumbai, RPF personnel comes to her rescue

Train accidents are not rare in India, and many such instances take place in bizarre circumstances. Remember when a train almost run over a girl who was talking on the phone while walking on tracks, or when another woman slipped while boarding a train and the shocking incident when a goods train almost run over a girl? In a similar incident, a woman passenger was almost run over by a Parvel-bound train in Mumbai recently.

Luckily, a Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel instantly came to her rescue at the Kurla Railway Station. Reportedly, she was trying to pick up her bag when she accidentally slipped into the gap between the platform and the train. The 13-second clip, tweeted by ANI, caught many eyeballs on the micro-blogging site.

However, such incidents don’t always have a happy ending. Some time back, a student’s selfie bid ended in horror, when he got hit by approaching train in Hyderabad early in 2018. Despite the constant honking by the loco-pilot, he reportedly ignored the warnings and continued filming.