Woman forcefully blocked a Private Bus on Thrissur – Govindapuram Route : VIDEO

Rash driving and accidents have been a regular in all parts of India. Thousands of people have been loosing their valuable lives and damaging their body-parts in accidents.

Private buses on Thrissur – Palakkad, Thrissur – Govindapuram are famous for rash driving and accidents. The other vehicles are afraid of the speeding buses which are using air horns and violate traffic regulations. Last day a private bus named RAMGI which was plying on Thrissur – Govindapuram route was forcefully stopped by a lady with her scooter.

The incident was happened near Kollengode, on Pollachi route. Some of the native recorded a video of the scene and shared in Social Media which goes viral. In that video we can see there is a quarrel between the scooter lady and bus crew.

Most of the people drive the buses very fast. The rash driving will affect the others traffic. Rash driving is so dangerous because a little slip may endanger the life. The fine for rash driving is not strictly followed. They follow the rules for sometimes. Most of the rash drivers not obey the traffic rules. They increase the chance of accidents.

After a brief gap, the police have started taking legal action against the government and private bus drivers who violate traffic regulations and terrorise other road users with lightning speed, blaring air-horns. Violation of traffic regulations, operating buses at high speed within the city limits, using air-horns and modified exhausts to create noise, halting the buses at unscheduled stops to take or drop passengers, allowing foot-board travel etc. will be viewed seriously. The drivers will be held responsible for these violations and cases will be registered against them under appropriate sections. Habitual offenders will lose their driving licence.