What is the best job position in Indian Railway?

Indian Railways is a beautiful devotional song,sung by its largest workforce of world and heard by millions of passengers and stakeholders.

There are many base level persons working on lower level but very significant posts.They bear hardships,cope up with stress,even face some accidents and hazards but never back off from their duty.

Here is the totally appreciable attempt from Indian Railways publicity division to give tribute to the work of these foundation stones of Indian Railways : Some short Documentaries. They are the treasures for gaining information about the everyday life and task of Indian Railways.Also,they are a strong answer to some people who continuously complain about non functioning or less functioning of government.

I strongly recommend all those who are reading this answer to watch these documentaries.They are artistically yet factfully made and will make you love Indian Railways and its people.

1.Indian Railways Loco Pilot : Person who takes you to your destination.

2.Indian Railways Guard: Person who ensures your safety on train

3.Indian Railways Gangman: “The Barmasi”

4.Indian Railways Pointsman: Challenging and Versatile

5.Indian Railways Gateman : The “Cabin”holder

6.Indian Railways Station Master : The conductor of this orchestra

So guys. these are some of the foundation stones of IR.

Indian Railways is India’s national railway system operated by the Ministry of Railways. It manages the fourth-largest railway network in the world by size, with 121,407 kilometres of total track over a 67,368-kilometre route.