What are some tips for a 50 hour journey in Indian railways sleeper coach?

Nothing quite compares to travelling by train in India, an experience that engenders wonder, nervous anticipation and heady exhilaration in equal measure.

Here are some tips which will help you a lot.

1, Keep on 20000 mAh powerbank with you. It will help you in mobile entertainment.
Buy a novel or the magzines you like.

2, Have 2ltr water bottle in reserve. Get it filled( either by buying packaged water or RO water at platforms). Some times trains stop at outer and you may face water crisis.

3, Have a bedsheet with you and a pillow so that you can sleep well or get one bed roll from IRCTC costing Rs120.

4, If you are on upper berth then you are lucky as nobody will disturb you for seat. If you are on middle or lower birth you can’t sleep during day time.

5, Have some home made snacks with you like chiwda ( dry poha namkeen) . Biscuits and cookies .

5, Keep a chain to lock your luggage.

6, Have a pair of slippers with you as washrooms and floors of trains are usually full of dust during such a long journey.

7, Have some movie downloaded in you tube offline for entertainment.

8, Buy food from pantry in afternoon and night.

9, In morning tea + sandwich is the good combo.

10, Talk with fellow passengers. Some times you may find very good persons traveling with you and it will make your traveling time fly soon.

11, Take a Dolo or paracetamol and few pain killers to avoid any health issue.