How do you prevent the spread of COVID-19? With the same technique to prevent other viruses: Properly washing your hands and being mindful of touching your face.

From celebrities to politicians to celebrity politicians, everyone in front of a camera has sought to deliver the ultimate hand wash tutorial, and social media is awash with videos of interminable length (definitely longer than the mandated 20 seconds) showing just that.

There are also plenty of nature clips showing raccoons and other critters fastidiously washing their paws, but we don’t know them well enough to identify them by name.

There is a Video posted by Revathy Sreepathy, a classical dancer from Kerala which shows the hand washing methods by dance steps and mudras. In the 47 second video, Revathy demonstrated the proper technique of washing hands through the dance steps.

VIDEO – Awareness by Kerala Classical Dancer

Let us all be responsible citizens and make it our mission to spread awareness about coronavirus and how to beat it. Most importantly, do not worry. We are all in this situation and we will fight coronavirus as one.

A video posted by Kerala Police’s social media team showed cops in masks and gloves dancing and showing the public how to properly use protective gear and wash hands.

It naturally went viral as did an Instagram tutorial by celebrity chef Ranveer Brar providing the voice-over for a hand wash tutorial given by his young son.

Now that you’ve read this, it’s time to wash your hands. You know where to go.