Kerala RTC At Kozhikode (Calicut)

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  1. Really a good blog, which gives lot of information.
    why KSRTC(kerala) still don't have official website, that will be more convenient to the passenger to book online ticket.
    this is really a superb blog. till today i was searching for the details of KSRTC but today i got it.
    thanks for the admin.

  2. Thanks Mr. Kutty for your valuable comment. Be a regular visitor and participate in all discussions.

  3. The fare from Calicut to Bangalore for Superfast was Rs. 203, when I travelled on 3 July 2009. So pls correct it, though it's only a slight difference.

  4. I require information regarding issual of Two wheeler driver's license and registration of bike with RTC. Please help me


    1800 SBY-TVM SF
    1845 TSY-TVM SF
    1900 KKD-TVM DLX
    1950 KNR-TVM DLX
    2015 KKD-EKM FP
    2100 KKD-TVM SF
    2120 MDY-EKM SF
    2130 KNR-TVM SF
    2200 KKD-TVM DLX
    2230 TLY-TVM SF
    2300 KKD-NTA SF
    2330 MGE-TVM SF
    0030 KKD-EKM SF
    0045 MSE-TVM SF
    0115 MGE-EKM SF
    0200 KKD-EKM FP

    all the information posted are based on my knowledge…and if anything is wrong or missing i apologise….
    for correct details call 0495 2723796(KKD KSTRC)

  6. The KSRTC official website for online booking is not working. Is it down most of the times?


  7. very very thanks to KSRTC authorities to alowed the bus root clt -mavoor -cheruvadi-nilambur

  8. The Virajpet-Makkutta road will be open to traffic on 1/6/10. Let the Kerala RTC operate all the Super Fast/Delux Night Services to Kozhikode (Via) Iritty-Koothuparamba-Tellicherry-Vadakera. It will be a good road also. I think this will help large number of travellers to Kozhikode.

  9. The Virajpet-Makkutta road will be open to traffic from 1/6/10. Let the Kerala RTC operate all the Super Fast/Delux Night Services to Bangalore from Kozhikode (Via) Vadagera-Tellicherry–Iritty-Gonikoppal-Mysore to Bangalore. It will be a good road also. I think this will help large number of travellers to Kozhikode. If this is implemented, the hell road to Kutta-Mananthavady can be avoided. The drivers will be very happy to drive on this beautiful road.

  10. The RTC Buses of Karnataka & Kerala will benefit the passengers to a large extent by using the Bangalore to Kozhikode (Via) Iritty- Tellicherry-Vadagera route as luggage will be loaded in the RTC buses of Karnataka & Kerala. It will take 9-10 hours for this route. The day buses of RTC can be operated by using the Sulthan Battery-Gundulpet route to Bangalore & Mysore.

  11. Pl. give the bus timings from kozhikode to coimbatore… also tell whether reservations are possible..

    Suresh Babu

  12. Malabar buses operate between KKD and MDY(Mananthavady) every 30 minutes. During night time even the Bangalore bus pass through this route.

  13. kalpetta deppo started a new service vellarikundu (kasargod dist)departue from kalpetta 7.40 am 9.00 pm
    9.00 am MDY 8.00 pm
    11.25 irity 5.35
    1.25 cherupuzha 3.35 pm
    2.15 vellarikundu return 2.45 pm

  14. Kalpetta KSRTC started a new service to vellarikundu(Kasrgod dist)
    Departure 7.40 am Kalpetta(arrival)9.00 pm
    9.00 am Manathavady 8.00 pm
    11.25 am Iritty 5.35 pm
    1.25 pm Cherupuzha 3.35 pm
    Vellarikundu2.15 pm Return 2.45 pm


  16. After the blockage of the Gundlupet-Kozhikode during night times, the journey to Kozhikode is horrible. The Karnataka RTC Rajahamsa buses during night journey from Kozhikode take the deviation route via Mananthavady & Gonikoppa to reach Mysore and Bangalore. Additional time of 2 hours and amount is incurred. I therefore request ladies, students and family to utilize the day services to reach Bangalore & Kozhikode.

  17. pls tell me ksrtc bus timing between night 09.00 pm and 11.00 pm from kozhokode to kannur or payyannur

  18. Hi frnzzz… Ijo from Thiruvambady in Kozhikode district….here am 2 explain info’s of KSRTC Thiruvambady(തിരുവമ്പാടി-TDY) operating centre which started recently…
    In Kozhikode district KSRTC have one main depot(Calicut),2 sub depots(Thamarassery,Thottilpalam) and 2 Operating centres(Vatakara,Thiruvambady)…Koyilandy is the one and only muncipality in kerala which is situated in calicut having no KSRTC oc or depo….
    Now about Thiruvambady KSRTC OC….
    Thiruvambady is one of the main town in Calicut .It is also an Legislative assembly constituency.Thiruvambady is situated on the south-eastern part of Kozhikode District.It is 35 km far from Kozhikode, 15 km from Thamarassery and 50 km from Nilambur….
    Now Thiruvambady KSRTC Operating Centre(started on 28/02/2011) is running with less than 30 shedules…The telephone no of Thiruvamby KSRTC Operating Centre is 0495 2254500.
    The main bus services are to Calicut,Thamarassery,Mukkam and Anakampoyil(frequently b/w 20 minutes)…From Calicut from morning 4.00am to 11.45pm night,bus services are available to Thiruvambady.


    Anakkampoyil – Kattappana(SF) : 5.20 am (Via Mukkam – Kozhikode – Thrissur – Pala)
    Koombara – Moolamattom (FP) : 6.20 am (Via Manjeri – Perinthalmanna – Thrissur – Thodupuzha)
    Kakkadampoyil – Sultan Battery (LS) : 6.30am (Via Kodencheri – Adivaram – Kalpetta)
    Thottumukkam – Kasargod (FP) : 07.00 am (Via Thamarassery – Koyilandy – Vatakara – Thalassery – Kannur – Kanhangad)

    Anakkampoyil – Sultan Battery (LS) : 7.15 am (Via Koduvally – Thamarassery – Kalpetta)
    Muthappanpuzha – Thodupuzha (FP) : 7.30 am (Via Mukkam – Manjeri – Perinthalmanna – Thrissur)
    Thiruvambady – Ernakulam (SF) : 8.00 am (Via Mukkam – Kozhikode – Thrissur)
    Chembukadavu – Erattupetta (SF) : 8.30 am (Via Areekode – Manjeri – Malappuram – Kottakkal – Thrissur – Pala)

    The major needs of KSRTC Thiruvambady oc are:

    *Upgradation of KSRTC Operating Centre to Sub Depot
    *Starting bus services to Trivandrum,Bangalore,Coimbatore, Palakkad.
    *Starting TT services in the Thiruvambady-Calicut route and Perinthalmanna-Koyilandy route

  19. please start new interstate ksrtc services from kozhikode blog. Route is kozhikode – manjeri- melattur- mannarkad- palakad 6 services and 2 service from kozhikode to coimbathore melattur via

  20. The main and long route bus timings from Thiruvmbadi is given below :
    S.No Origin Destination Type Time at Thiruvambady Way of Passing.
    1 Anakkampoyil Calicut Railway Station KSRTC Ordinary 4.20 am Omassery – Mukkam – NIT – Kunnamangalam – Medical College.
    2 Anakkampoyil Kattappana KSRTC SF 4.50 am Mukkam – Perinthalmanna – Thrissur – Pala – Erattupetta.
    3 Koombara Moolamattom KSRTC FP 6.20 am Manjeri – Perinthalmanna – Shornur – Thrissur – Angamaly – Thodupuzha.
    4 Thottumukkam Kasargod KSRTC TT 7.00 am Thamarassery – Koyilandy – Vatakara – Thalassery – Kannur – Kanhangad.
    5 Pulloorampara Parassinikkadavu Private Bus LS 7.10 am Thamarassery – Perambra – Kuttiyadi – Nadapuram – Thalassery – Mahe – Kannur.
    6 Muthappanpuzha Sultan Battery KSRTC LS 7.15 am Koduvally – Thamarassery – Kalpetta.
    7 Muthappanpuzha Thodupuzha KSRTC FP 7.30 am Mukkam – Manjeri – Kunnamkulam – Perinthalmanna – Thrissur – Angamaly.
    8 Thiruvambady Ernakulam KSRTC SF 8.00 am Mukkam – Kozhikode – Thrissur – Aluva.
    9 Chembukadavu Erattupetta KSRTC SF 8.30 am Areekode – Manjeri – Malappuram – Kottakkal – Kunnamkulam – Thrissur – Angamaly – Thodupuzha – Pala.
    10 Thiruvambady Kalpetta KSRTC FP 9.30 am (Only on Monday) Thamarassery – Chundale.
    11 Thiruvambady Balal KSRTC TT 2.30 pm Thamarassery – Perambra – Kuttiyadi – Nadapuram – Thalassery – Kannur – Payyannur – Cherupuzha – Chittarikkal – Vellarikundu.
    12 Thiruvambady Manjeri Private Bus LS 8.10 am, 12.30 pm, 4.35 pm Omassery – Mukkam – Areekode.
    13 Thiruvambady Nilambur Private Bus LS 8.20 am, 1.25 pm, 6.15 pm Thottumukkam – Areekode – Edavanna.
    14 Thiruvambady Calicut Private Buses In between 10 minutes(6.00am – 8.15pm) Omassery – NIT / Koduvally – Kunnamangalam – Medical College.
    Abbrevated LS-Limited Stop, TT-Town to Town, FP-Fast Passenger, SF-Super Fast Buses.
    From Calicut to Thiruvambady buses are frquently available between 10 minutes (From 03.40 am to 11.40 pm).
    (Night Bus Services from Calicut to Thiruvambady : 8.15pm (Muthappanpuzha), 9.30pm (Kodencheri), 9.45pm (Kasargod – Thiruvambady TT), 10.15pm(Moolamattom – Koombara FP), 10.45 pm(Ernakulam – Thiruvambady SF), 11.40pm(Thodupuzha – Muthappanpuzha FP), 03.45am(Erattupetta – Thiruvambady SF), 5.00am (Anakkampoyil), 5.30am, 6.15am…)
    Soon from Thiruvambady KSRTC Depot Trivandrum, Bangalore and Coimbatore buses will be started.
    KSRTC TDY – 0495 2254500.

  21. Can you please tell me time table of bus from Kozhikode to Ooty? Preferably leaving early morning, say around 6.30 to 7?

    Also, is it possible to book ticket on line?

  22. One new bus started from Thiruvambady to Eranakulam via Thirur/Chamrvattam ,Guruvayoor

    Leaved Thiruvambady at 6.00 AM

  23. KSRTC Thiruvambady(തിരുവമ്പാടി-TDY) Operating Centre was started on 28/02/2011. Thiruvambady is one of the main town in Kozhikode District which is situated 35 km away from Kozhikode, 15 km from Thamarassery,60 km from Perinthalmanna, 50 km from Nilambur, 53 km from Kalpetta and 5 km from Mukkam. The telephone no of Thiruvamby KSRTC Operating Centre is 0495 2254500. Now Thiruvambady has more than 30 shedules and 70 services. he main bus services are to Calicut,Thamarassery,Mukkam and Anakkampoyil(frequently b/w 20 minutes). The main and long route KSRTC bus timings from Thiruvmbady are:

    1.Kozhikode Railway Station (Ordinary) – 4.20 am [Omassery,Mukkam,NIT,Kunnamangalam,Medical College]
    2.Kattappana (SF) – 4.50 am [Mukkam,Perinthalmanna,Thrissur,Angamaly,Muvattupuzha,Pala,Erattupetta]
    3.Eranakulam (SF) – 6.00 am [Mukkam,Kozhikode,Tirur,Chamravattam Bridge,Ponnani,Guruvayur,Kodungalloor]
    4.Moolamattom (FP) – 6.20 am [Mukkam,Manjeri,Perinthalmanna,Shornur,Thrissur,Angamaly,Muvattupuzha,Thodupuzha]
    5.Sultan Battery (LS) – 6.30 am [Kodencheri,Adivaram,Kalpetta]
    6.Kasargod (FP) – 7.10 am [Thamarassery,Koyilandy,Vadakara,Thalassery,Kannur,Kanhangad]
    7.Sultan Battery (LS) – 7.15 am [Koduvally,Thamarassery,Kalpetta]
    8.Thodupuzha (FP) – 7.30 am [Mukkam,Manjeri,Perinthalmanna,Kunnamkulam,Thrissur,Angamaly,Muvattupuzha]
    9.Ernakulam (SF) – 7.30 am [Mukkam,Kozhikode,Thrissur,Angamaly]
    10.Palakkad (TT) – 7.40 am [Mukkam,Manjeri,Perinthalmanna,Mannarkkad]
    11.Erattupetta (SF) – 8.15 am [Areekkode,Manjeri,Malappuram,Kottakkal,Kunnamkulam,Thrissur,Muvattupuzha,Thodupuzha,Pala]

    Future Plans:
    * Upgradation to KSRTC Sub Depot.
    * Starting services to Trivandrum,Bangalore and Coimbatore.
    * Starting Malabar TT service to Kozhikode and Perinthalmanna.
    * Starting night services to Kozhikode.

  24. if Koyilandi is the only municipality in Kerala having no ksrtc depot, what about Mattannur, Koothuparamba, Taliparamba, Tirur, Manjeri, kotakkal and some other municipalities. I have not seen any depot or operating cent re in those towns which are more crowded than Koyilandi.

  25. U juz check this muncipalities: No KSRTC depots or operating centres.
    (1) Eloor, Maradu , Thrikkakkara, Thripunithura, kalamassery in Ernakulam district.
    (2) Kunnamkulam & Chavakkad in thrissur district
    (3) Mattannur, koothuparamba, taliparamba in kannur district.
    (4) Tirur, manjeri & kottakkal in malappuram district.
    (5) Shornur in palakkad district.
    (6) S. paravur in kollam district.
    (7) Koyilandi in kollam district
    Total = 16 muncipalities.
    Dont think Koyilandi is the only muncipality having no depot or o/c.

  26. Please Start Kozhikkode-nilambur services via mavoor-cheruvadi-eranhimavu-areekode edavanna. this route is the shortest way to nilambur from calicut (61km) and can save around 13km compared to kkd-manjeri-nilambur.

  27. Sir, I am from Andhra pradesh. My nephew got admission in NIT, Calicut. We have direct train upto Palakkad. Could you please tell me the bus timings from Palakkad to Calicut and Calicut to Palakkad and boarding places alighting places.

  28. Is there any bus services from vadakara or koilandy to kalpetta . What is the bus time table , how long does it take to reach kalpetta

  29. Dear All,
    I would like to request to KSRTC to start a new bus starting from Vytilla Mobility hub to inforpark Kakkand. A lot of passengers will be helpful.

    Also the existing bus from Cherthala Infopark is not reaching the destination on time. Its coming 20 minutes to 30 minutes late everyday.

    Can anyone please let me know how to proceed for a request.

  30. Dear All,
    I would like to request to KSRTC to start a new bus starting from Vytilla Mobility hub to inforpark Kakkand. A lot of passengers will be helpful.
    Also the existing bus from the route Cherthala to Infopark is not reaching the destination on time. Its coming 20 minutes to 30 minutes late everyday.
    Can anyone please let me know how to proceed for a request.

  31. Town Schedule of KSRTC from Calicut. FIrst Bus @ 5:30 AM towards Vadakara ( Via Kuttiyadi, Perambra)
    2) Bus @ 5:30 AM towards Atholi, Cheekilode.
    These bus are ordinary and stop at all the important bus stops. Chassi is OLD Malabar.

    People who come to Bus Stand in the morning will have to wait till 5:30 AM to get the bus.
    These divert from NH17 and goes to the North-Eastern part of Calicut District.

  32. There was a bus from kaliyar to kozhikkode had run with record collection. that bus stopped after few months running. Authorities may kindly consider this matter and make necassery step immediately. Better start from THDOPUZHA. depot.(KALIYAR.VANNAPPURAM) or KALOOR. PAINGOTTOOR.POTHANICADU. KOTHAMANGALAM.

  33. Please give me bus service from kozikhode to mysore early morning super fast & how long distance to reach mysore