How to skip Paliyekkara Toll?

Now Paliyekkara toll is not easy now. Normal toll is 70 rupees for 4 wheeler and more for other heavy vehicles. The toll plaza has witnessed a number of protests, with residents and political parties demonstrating against toll operators, who do not follow the rules.

So How to Bypass Paliyekkara Toll?

This route has more advantage than the other one. The distance is much more less. But the roads are small. lot of twists and turns. You may expect bad condition of the road. Still drive just 4Kms more you can save the Toll amount for a tea break. Total distance is 8.3 Kms so you have to run an additional 4Kms only. The Screen shot of the map is here.

Going from Amballoor to Thrissur

The thing you first remember is just take a left turn after the bridge of Manali river. Finding this left turn is a very trick one. You want to search more than one time to find the left turn road.

This is the point which need to divertion
This is the second point where you reach


The condition of the road is somewhat good now. This is the smart way to avoid Paliyekkara Toll Road. If you know another way please comment here.