Now Paliyekkara toll is not easy now. Normal toll is 75 rupees for 4 wheeler and more for other heavy vehicles. The toll plaza has witnessed a number of protests, with residents and political parties demonstrating against toll operators, who do not follow the rules.

So How to Bypass Paliyekkara Toll?

This is plan number 1 –

Benefit :
1. You can avoid toll

1. Need to travel more
2. Longway
3. Somewhat good bad road compared to the highway

Route is :
Amballoor – Kallur – Thrikkur gramapanchayat – Marathakkara Kallur Road – Marathakkara

You will reach ahead of 2 kms from the Toll plaza if you a going towards Thrissur from Angamaly.

The basic idea is to search another bridge across Manali river and cross that bridge.

The details are here

To see the live map Select Avoid tolls on the Options.

Screen shots of the maps are here. 

extra route – 10.3 Kms

Original Toll Road with tolls – 4.3 Kms

Original Toll Road with tolls – 4.3 Kms

The difference of additional route is 6kms. Average cost is 25 Rupees.

This is the smart way to avoid Paliyekkara Toll Road.

If you know another way please comment here.