Date of travel: 09/03/2016

As it was a weekday, I have not booked ticket desperately looking for an option to try SETC AC. Boarded KSRTC SKS from E-city to hosur @ 9.30pm and reached Hosur @ 10pm. Completed my dinner in my fav “Muniyandi vilas” hotel and reached Hosur BS. TNSTC 1-1 from Hosur – Salem was calling for pax and TNSTCs towards Chennai was running almost with few pax.


SETC’s towards their destination was loaded with min 70% pax. I decided to take SETC from Hosur – Salem, Spotted many SETC towards Mayiladuthurai, Velankanni, Madurai & Chennai bound buses. Checked with Madurai SETC for Salem but he said won’t go inside hence waited in the entrance of Hosur BS. Bangalore – Coimbatore SETC entered BS and I waived my hands telling Salem, conductor allowed to board. Occupied seat above the rear wheel window seat and time in my clock was 10.35pm.

As soon as it reached bay, within 10min bus got filled with SLM & CBE pax. Left Hosur BS @ 10.45pm. Driver pushed the throttle and overtook plenty of trucks, TNSTCs towards Tiruvannamalai & VPM, KSRTC SKS, yellow color Veera built Non-AC Sleeper (must be kodai guy) & RH. Pulled in to Hotel Saravana Bhavan for dinner break @ 11.25pm. Break lasted for 20min and resumed journey @ 11.45pm. Crossed K.giri toll by 12 and continued our drive.

Driver did a decent speed in the range of 80-85kmph and overtook trucks. We were overtaken by Kesrtc SD towards Palakkad, KPN Volvo MAV closely followed by Parveen MB, Kallada MAV & SRS MAV Sleeper. “It was like a parade of Army” to see this beauties. Driver did a superb driving in down slope of thoppur ghat without touching brake. Had a small nap after for sometimes and reached Salem BS sharp @ 1.50AM. Hosur – SLM end to end flat 3hrs 5min including 20min break and toll blocks which consumed 10min.

If I didn’t had AC in my mind, would have continued in the same bus. I presumed Chennai – Coimbatore AC to be coming in Salem BS as it’s a weekday and expecting him to arrive SLM between 3.30 – 4AM. Hence, I was waiting in SLM BS for almost 2 hrs. Saw plenty of SETCs & TNSTC towards Cbe and I stood by seeing them like a mad guy as all going to my destination. Luck favoured me, Finally @ 4am, “MY MISSION ACCOMPLISHED”.

SETC route number 460 AC Chennai – Coimbatore brand new TVR built bus (TN 01 AN 1408) did the honor. Bus was full when it entered and 70% of the pax got down in SLM and it was compensated with same count of pax to Cbe except 2 seats. I occupied 3rd row RH Window seat. AC was very much chill and bus started @ 4.15AM towards Cbe. After hitting NH, bus did decent speed in the range of 80kmph but couldn’t feel it inside. Overtook mainly trucks and we were overtaken by SLM – Erode 1- 4 TNSTC express and pvt guy.

Sedate drive continued and crossed bhavani byepass @ 5.15am. As the driving was sedate and no competitors on road, the AC chillness took me for a small nap. By 6.30am we were reaching the outskirt of Cbe and TV played with 1990s Ilayaraja melody video songs. Garudalaya AC Sleeper, CRM Raja SS also joined with us while entering Cbe. Pax got dropped in Karumathampati, Hopes, Peelamedu and finally reached Gandhipuram SETC BS @ 7.05am. End to End 2hrs 50min in a non-stop drive which is decent one.

As per conductor, running time for this guy is 9pm – 7am in both the legs which is 10hrs. Things Noted in this TVR Coach AC bus ride – Pros: # Ticket fare Rs.160 only. 40Rs higher than SETC UD and 55Rs higher than TNSTC 1-1 which is very much cheaper. # Cabin insulation was good. # TV Video & Audio quality was excellent. # AC was good & suspension worked well. # Automatic door was working. Cons: # Mild rattling sound was audible inside within a week. # Driver was very quick in gear shifting which made the bus to lug till it picks speed.

Crews should get trained on this new 225HP guys. The driving was similar like driving the normal UD. # We couldn’t catch any of the Cbe bound UDs started before including the one which started 5min before us. Only Che – Gobi guy was the victim for us. All buses were parked in Cbe SETC BS which shows all are maintaining good timings. Awaiting for a long ride in this AC guys with well-trained crews who handles perfectly.

Thanks for reading my review.


Balaji Murugaraj