KSRTC Bus From Thiruvalla To Madurai

Madurai has several bus stands. Most inter-state and overnight buses terminate at Mattuthavani Bus stand.

Madurai is a famous city in Tamil Nadu and home to the Meenakshi Temple. It is also known as the Temple City of India. You can find temples in almost every street in Madurai. The city is called “Thoongaa Nagaram”, which means Sleepless City. You can find coffee/tea shops open at almost any time of day and night.
The city is well connected by buses to all major cities in Tamil Nadu via state government operated and private buses. Kerala state road transport corporation is also running some buses to and from Madurai. Madurai has several bus stands. Most inter-state and overnight buses terminate at Mattuthavani Bus stand.

KSRTC is running a Super Fast bus from Thiruvalla to Madurai and vice versa. The bus takes the route Kottayam, Kumali, Kambam, Theni, Periyakulam to reach Madurai.



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For any other information regarding this service please contact Thiruvalla bus depot.

Ph. No: 0469 2602945


  1. KSRTC introduced this service as a super deluxe air bus and they have degraded the bus to Super express bus because of low patronage.

    This is one of the prestigious services of KSRTC now.

    • the bus is having good revenue. All long route buses starting from thiruvalla gains good revenue for the ksrtc.of course,there is a need for new routes from this city,because there would a rampant growth for this city in the coming years ,and definitely it would be from the private partcipation from hi;tech hospitals to new shopping malls.Hence ,a growing demand,for tansport and infrastructure.Many projects are in childhood stage.

  2. hi,
    really prestiguous service……………………..
    By 9.40 PM it passes kanjirapally. And also almost housefull till madurai. On weekends pls reserve seats.
    very fast and reliable. An expert driver….
    When it returns there are some regular passengers from madurai( usually teachers and government employees). They rely on this due to its accurate timing at theni.
    For the past 1 year KSRTC is using a good ashok leyland bus with good interiors and seat.. Pls don’t replace with TATA.
    I hope KSRTC will never put a full stop for this service due to the low number of passengers in return from madurai to kottayam.

  3. Dear Arun,
    The new TATA HISPANOS AND MARCOPOLOS are really good, and if they are introduced, i think it will be great. Travel in one of them see the difference. Our KSRTC is using the old TATA Models(1510). the new ones have power and pick-up. They are giving a challenge to VOLVO and BENZ.. Hope KSRTC will introduce them soon. Most of the public transport companies have started using them in large numbers.

  4. why ksrtc not intrested to extend there theni -munnar ordinary services as madura-mnr-alv-ekm???
    ksrtc can choose ,,,,


    now ksrtc have 8 services on this route
    @ 7am,8.30am,10am,1pm,3pm,5pm,7pm,9.30pm to theni from mnr

    9.30pm or 7pm schedule should reshedule as ekm -alv-pbvr-kmgm-mnr-theni-madurai

  5. To the management,
    While at Ernakulam KSRTC office Tamilnadu transport office is working to boost their services it is pathetic there is no office or not even a bus timing board of KSRTC at Madurai,from there many long distance buse are operating .It is difficilt to get the timing here about KSRTC.So request the authorities at least install a Time Table at the Mattuthavani Bus stand.

  6. Start one service from this route. Ekm-pvmbr-kmglam-idukki-ktpna-kumbammett-kumbam-theni-madurai start one service from this route

  7. By Understanding the cancellation of Palkkad Rameswaram trains,it will be usefull to introduce buses from Guruvayur to Rameswaram via Palani and Madurai and also from Kozhikode to Ervadi Dharha via Palani and Madurai will be blessing for many passengers.

  8. not clear why the bus arrival at Madurai is 3am, will this serve the purpose of the passengers bound to Madurai?

    The departure time could have been postponed by about 2-3 hrs from Tiruvalla

  9. Really a prestigious and timely service. KSRTC THIRUVALLA DEPOTmust also start new long route buses to meet the growing demand from THIRUVALLA to places like COIMBATORE ,GURUVAYOOR, etc.Since,the CITY OF THIRUVALLA is flushed with various projects ,need for transportation is bound to increase from various corners to THIRUVALLA. in the next couple of years.

  10. why don’t our ksrtc – aanavandi doesnt start services to chennai. we wil have overwhelming response to chennai via coimbatore and also madurai. we wait to see our convoy of buses at chennai also. further kindly introduce a sf from guruvayur to tirupathi via coimbatore

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