You should not miss a trip to Kasaba beach

The first name that crosses your mind when you talk about beaches in Kerala will be Kovalam or Cherai. But tucked away near a small fishing village in Kasaragod is Kasaba beach. Our photographer Fahad Muneer made a trip to this pristine beach. His pictures will leave you in awe.

Efforts are on to develop Kasaba into a tourism hub.

But for now, the beaches are so deserted and peaceful that you can take a ride on the beach on your cycles.

Kasaba is one of the places that see a huge variety of migratory birds coming in.

Sunsets are pretty in Kasaba.

Kasaba is a fishing village. And yes, fishing is one of the major sources of income.

There is a lighthouse at Kasaba and a park.  So when are you going?

Reaching Kasaba

Kasaba is in Kasaragod The nearest railway station, Kasaragod, is nearly 5 km away.

There are frequent buses to Kasaba.

Useful Information

Kasaba is a village and people are a little conservative.

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