After visiting Sargaalaya Crafts Village in Iringal near Vadakara (Video URL: our next destination was Mahe.

Mahe is a small place located in between Kozhikode and Kannur district in Kerala which is a part of Union Territory Pondicherry. Petroleum products and liquor are cheaper in Mahe. So it is advisable to fill fuel from Mahe.

The main attraction of Mahe is the seaside walkway, light house and St Teresa’s Shrine. Mahe railway station still has the old style board and written the Malayalam name “Mayyazhi” on it. Mahe is well connected by road & train. The nearest airport is Kozhikode.

After visiting Mahe, I moved to Thalassery. There I visited the famous Thalassery Sea Bridge. The bridge is really in a bad state and authorities must have to look into it to make some necessary maintenance to keep it safe.

My next video is of Muzhuppilangadu Beach and it is one of the best driving beaches in India.

Watch out the video for more details about this place and you feel free to comment here if you have any doubt regarding this place.


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