GottoDoIndia picks out fun activities to try out in Kochi, India and make your holiday enjoyable. In this video, watch the host, Sherry, go on a canoe ride and talk about her experience.

The canoe ride boat trip is perfect for taking a Kochi backwaters tour. The ride is extremely pleasant with the canoe passing through narrow tunnels and beautiful tree-lined banks.

The host informs us that a canoe is a better mode of transport if you wish to explore Kochi’s backwaters because it is narrower than a houseboat and can pass effortlessly through tunnels.

During the ride, we get to see much natural beauty as the banks are lined with tall, shady trees and you can hear the cheerful chirping of birds and insects. We also get to see locals carrying out their regular chores, giving us a taste of the lifestyles followed here.

If you’re a woman and watching this video, there’s a pleasant surprise waiting for you at the end.