9 Beautiful Roads in Trivandrum Which Will Make You Feel Proud

Trivandrum is one of the beautiful cities in the country. With its lush green foliage and quiet streets, Trivandrum provides a calm and serene counterpoint to the frenetic chaos of India. No wonder why Mahatma Gandhi called it the ‘Evergreen City of India’.

Trivandrum is blessed with many beautiful stretches of roads. Unlike most other cities, Trivandrum is not a planned city and for this reason its roads are not straight and its intersections are not perfectly square. And this makes Trivandrum even more beautiful. The historic landmark buildings and canopy of trees along the streets make roads of Trivandrum very special and unique.

Here are the 9 most beautiful stretches in Trivandrum!

1. Kowdiar-Museum

There is no other stretch like the Kowdiar-Museum avenue. It is rightly called the Royal road because it starts from the Kowdiar Palace, all the way up to East Fort, in front of Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple. The stretch from Kowdiar to Museum is a visual treat, especially at night. The 6-lane wide roads where vehicles zoom fast, landscaping on both sides and the ageless beautiful trees, give the entire stretch a look which vies with any other foreign cities. Taking a walk down this beautiful stretch is a good way to spend your evening.

2.Palayam LMS Junction – Statue

The stretch from Rama Rao Lamp to Secretariat is another beautiful stretch in Trivandrum and for many reasons. At the beginning of this road, you have that beautiful LMS church (Mateer Memorial Church) that gives the place a European look, then you can see the beautiful paintings on the wall of Central stadium, thanks to Arteria. If you proceed further you can see the historic buildings such as the Fine Arts College, the central library, Palayam Mosque, the VJT hall and the University College before coming to the Secretariat. Most of the buildings here has the same colour scheme of VJT Hall, which makes then blend beautifully with the surroundings.

3.Kovalam-Chakkai By-pass Road

Riding from Chakkai to Kovalam is an exhilarating experience. Thanks to the trees on either sides of the road, you will feel as if you are going through a magical tunnel. Shaded from the sun, the ride is so cool and relaxing. Sadly, due to NH road widening, most of the trees that give this stretch its beauty will be axed. On the bright side, when the road gets developed into 4-lane, more trees will be planted. We may have to wait a few years to enjoy the beauty. But once the trees start to blossom, we will get an awesome stretch of road from Kazhakoottam to Kovalam and beyond.  The widening will al

4. Pangode Military Camp Road

The road going through the military camp from Pangode to Thirumala is a unique attraction only Trivandrum has. If we are not mistaken, this might be the only road in the world that allows civilian access right through a fully-fledged military camp. When going through this road, you can see a rare glimpse of how a military camp looks like. You can also see stations of various regiments and even a military Tank which has seen many a war. The area is well maintained, beautified and acts as a breathing lungs for the city. Indian Army is actively trying to shut down public access for many years citing security reasons. A similar stretch is through the Southern Air Command’s property at Aakkulam. Though it’s not as big as this one, it is still beautiful.

5. Perumathura Bridge

Ever since Perumathura– Thazhampalli Bridge was opened, Trivandrumites are flocking to the place. The place has become a hangout spot for the people, thanks to its scenic beauty. On one side you can the Arabian Sea and on the other side you can see Muthalapozhi. Just cruise along the Veli – Perumathura Road which is a coastal road, till Thazhampalli Bridge and the sea will tempt you to stop and admire the view at various points during the drive.

6. Vellayani Bund Road

Vellayani-Kakkamoola Bund Road is a road that passes through the Vellayani Lake. It is one of the most pristine locations in Trivandrum. A ride through the road that cuts across the Vellayani Lake and with water on both sides is a refreshing experience. If you are in Trivandrum, it is worth driving 9 km just to view this freshwater lake. The water surface looks like a mirror on a moonlit night as the surface is so calm.

7. Kappil

About 9km north of Varkala by road, serene and picturesque Kappil Beach is a pretty and, as yet, undeveloped stretch of sand. The picture perfect place has a long road which is situated between the Lake and the Sea. On the west there is the true blue Arabian Sea and on the east is Edava Narayana Lake, which turns emerald at times. The road runs as such for about 1 km. The view gets even better when you cross the bridge across the lake. You can see the backwater merging with the sea. Kappil is not just another tourist spot. It is a must visit place, especially if you are spending time at Varkala beach.

8. Ponmudi

If you are up for a long drive through the country side, then Ponmudi is the right choice. The major chunk of the road isn’t exciting but once you start ascending those 22 hairpin curves, things really get interesting. You can see the beautiful scenery, feel the windy cool weather and the clouds on top of mountains. The view from the top will definitely leaves you spellbound.

9. Bakery Jn Flyover and Underpass

The stretch from Panavila junction to Kerala University may seem ordinary to you. To enjoy its beauty you need to drive through this road at night. We mean late night when there is no vehicle on the road. Just go through the underpass and above the flyover slowly and you can enjoy its beauty. The empty road, the sodium-vapour lamps and night sky is perfect for a night drive. That being said, we agree that all roads in Trivandrum look enchanting during late night. But this one gives a different feeling.

We hope you enjoyed this virtual journey through the city. We know that the list is incomplete and we should have added Vellayambalam-Vazuthcaud stretch, Manaveeyam road, Vazuthacaud-DPI junction, Sasthamngalam-Vellyambalam and so on. You may have your own favourite roads. With a beautiful city like Trivandrum, the list can go on forever.