7 Dangerously High Places To Travel In India

The beautiful Indian mountain ranges offer amazingly spectacular sights but then it also offer dangerous road drives through highest altitude passes and Ghats. Such high mountain passes, deep valley although plays an important role in trade, travel, migration and war but then they are fatal.

Having the road network of 4689,842 kilometres, India has the second largest road network if we talk from global perspective. There are some incredibly scary and dangerous roads that must be avoided. Most of the dangerous roads situated in northern region of India are 3000 metres above the sea level. Such roads are only meant for Indian Army and so it is well maintained by them. Let us have a look!

The most dangerous and brow-raising high altitude roads in India…

1. Shimla to Manali Route tops the line and it is the most dangerous motorable road. The 265 km long route connects Manali to Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, India. Surrounded with beautiful mountains on one side and the famous Beas River on the other side, the amazing route has lots of narrow and dangerous turns and so this route makes way into the list for its immense popularity. The route has become the hardest route with too many meandering paths.

2. Zoji La is the high mountain pass situated in Kashmir is present in between Srinagar and western section Leh. The place is 9kms away from Sonamarg that provides the link between Kashmir and Ladakh. Running on an elevation of 3528 metres approximately, the place is deadly. It is exactly there in Indian National Highway. Do avoid biking here!

3. The high mountain pass, Rohtang Pass is located on Pir Panjal Range in the eastern region of Himalayas approximately 51 kms all the way from Manali. The pass very well connects the Lahaul and Kullu Valley and also with Spiti Valley in the Himachal Pradesh. The superb pass offers spectacular and panoramic mountain views. Although the place offers mesmerising sights of glaciers, flowing Chander River and snowy peaks, the place must be avoided. The place is at great elevation of 3979metres.

4. Then, the road towards Pangong Tso is located at the dangerous height of 4350 metres. The site is 134 kms long and greatly stretches from Tibet to India. The popular film shooting spot has seen the shooting of ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ but must be avoided in any case. The place although comes under the category of ‘see it to believe it’ and has the beauty that is impossible to express, should not be visited alone.

5. The Leh or Ladakh Highway that is 490 kms highway located in northern India connects Manali of Himachal Pradesh and Lehin Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir. The place is really fatal owing to which it is open only for four and a half months a year and that too during summer time when the snow gets cleared away by Indian Army’s Border Road Organisation. The average elevation of this place is around 4000 metres and amazingly it has the highest elevation at Tanglang La Mountain Pass which is 5328 metres. Flanked by mountainous range, the place has mountainous covering on both the sides with some stunning rock natural formations.

6. The high mountain Pass, Khardung, is located in Ladakh region. The place is claimed to have highest altitude of 18379 feet that marks it as the world’s largest road and it has its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for it is longest motorable area. Lying on the major caravan route in Central Asia from Leh to Kashgar, the place is incredibly dangerous for it is located at the highest altitude. It is really scary for all the tourists and visitors. You must take utmost precaution if you plan to visit it.

7. The lesser known roads, Gata Loops is located in India. The place is the blend of hairpins which carries one to the top towards high altitude pass Nakee La that is around 160000 feet above. The breath taking scenery around is wonderful but then the ascent is very different. It is one of the dangerously high mountain passes of the world in India where you need to encounter a freezing river that too in pitch black darkness. You have to spend the entire night in the tent under 16 degrees Celsius. You will simply dread the unexciting drag.

Journeying India is like travelling through mysterious land. It is true that study of unknown and mystery has always fascinated humans and it is India that offers mysterious places, dangerous places that are adventurous at the same time. The list of top seven dangerous places that I have mentioned is adventurous for many. Well, if you are careful enough you can turn out a dangerous and scary travel experience into an adventurous one.