TNSTC Bus Comes Wrong side; Kerala Man Blocked the Bus by his Car : VIDEO

A video of a Kerala Car Driver blocking a TNSTC bus plying in the wrong direction and forcing the bus to reverse, has gained popularity on social media.

It shows the Kerala Man blocking the path of a TNSTC bus which is going along the wrong way on a street. The unknown Kerala Man had parked his car in front of the bus and is seen arguing with the bus driver.

This is the bizarre moment a Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation bus blocked by a Kerala Registered Car.

Video – All in All Anpu.

The Bus driver is seen speaking to the man saying that the road was partially blocked on the other side by a bus, which is why he drove the bus along the wrong side.

By this incident, the road was blocked. Then some people came to the car driver and convinced him to make way for the bus. Then the Malayali driver moved the car to left side and gave way to the bus.

It has also been shared on social media platforms and the comments indicate citizens’ approval of the unknown Kerala Man’s actions. Some citizens have also called for action to be taken against the TNSTC driver in the video.

Driving or riding on the wrong side of the road is a common traffic offence in India. Interestingly enough, the ‘right side’ is the wrong side of Indian roads. We have come across a lot of instances in which driving on the right side of the road has proved detrimental.

Now, wrong-side driving can land you in jail.

Despite the risk involved, people still prefer to go on the wrong side to save some time; forgetting the chances of them colliding with oncoming traffic.

So, think twice before you drive on the wrong side of the road.