Bus manufacturing is a specific sector of the automotive industry, which carries out the manufacturing of buses and coaches.

The bus body builder will build the body onto the chassis. This will involve major consideration of:

  • Usage
  • Seating capacity
  • Staircase position/design (double-decker buses)
  • Number and position of doors

Bodywork is built for three general uses:

  • Bus
  • Dual Purpose
  • Coach

Bus bodywork is usually geared to short trips, with many transit bus features. Coach bodywork is for longer distance trips, with luggage racks and under-floor lockers. Other facilities may include toilets and televisions.

A dual purpose design is usually a bus body with upgraded coach style seating, for longer distance travel. Some exclusive coach body designs can also be available to a basic dual purpose fitment.

In past double-deck designs, buses were built to a low bridge design, due to overall height restrictions.

Thanks : Arrow Coach Builders, a modern high tech bus body manufacturing facility established near Chennai.