Woman Tries Chasing Down Plane After Missing Her Flight – Viral Video

Imagine the lengths people go to catch a plane. Or if your imagination isn’t that adept, you can settle for watching a video of such an incident.

On Wednesday, November 21st, a woman booked on a Citilink flight from Bali to Jakarta, Indonesia, and failed to make the 7:20 a.m. departure time before the boarding gate closed. That’s when she took to more drastic measures to ensure she got onto the plane. Somehow, she managed to find her way outside the terminal right onto the tarmac, where the plane was departing.

But a couple quick-thinking security personnel managed to get to her first. So determined was the woman to get away, she put up a fight with the duo, struggling to get free. But instead of grabbing her seat on the flight, she landed on her own seat instead, right onto the relatively less-cushioned asphalt. A spectator in the right place at the right time captured the incident on a smartphone and posted it onto social media, where it became viral shortly after.

How she avoided getting arrested is not known, as she was granted a flight to Jakarta later that afternoon. And while she arrived at the Indonesian city safely, airport staff were still bewildered over what had happened earlier that day. The boarding desk made at least three announcements regarding the plane’s impending departure, but the woman probably didn’t hear them.

Most people raise a fuss about missing a flight before making arrangements to get to their destination, but instances of going the distance to catch that runaway plane aren’t all that uncommon.

Back in 2016, a Madrid ground worker captured this video of a man who got through a fireproof barrier and headed down the runway after a Ryanair flight he was about to miss. Although the determined patron caught up to it, he was arrested shortly after.

And a year earlier, another man in Denver ran through an emergency exit to grab a flight to Ohio, where he was to attend a high school reunion. He briefly stopped the aircraft just as it was pulling out of the gate, but was arrested for hindering public transportation.