Wild Elephant trying to attack KSRTC Bus on Nelliyampathy route; Video…

A wild elephant tried to attack a KSRTC Ordinary bus which heading to Nelliyampathy from Palakkad. The incident was happened on the ghat section. When seeing the bus, the tusker charged against it. Suddenly the bus driver blown the horn and turn on the bright headlights. Then the tusker got frightened and step back to the forest. Watch Video…

Unrestricted plantation activities by nearly four dozen private estate groups at the environmentally fragile Nelliampathy hill ranges in Kerala and large-scale quarrying in the foothills are forcing wild animals to stray into nearby human habitations.

In the recent past, elephants had strayed out of Nelliampathy forests.

The hill ranges that house the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve and numerous streams irrigating vast stretches of farms in Palakkad, and Coimbatore and Tirupur districts in Tamil Nadu are located in a geographically less stable area. The plantation companies that are functioning illegally because of the expiry of their lease agreements are contributing heavily to the present situation. Granite quarries in the foothills are also responsible.

Forest officials said that in many areas, the electric fencing initiative had failed because of the lack of cooperation from private estates and those engaged in the tourism business.

When contacted, Nelliampathy forest range officer said the department was taking steps to prevent the straying of wild animals into human habitats.

Nelliyampathy is a hill station within the Nelliyampathy Forest Reserve, in the southwest Indian state of Kerala. The road to it, which goes through the dense forests of the Western Ghats, is known for its many hairpin turns. To the west is Kesavan Para, a vantage point with views of nearby tea plantations. Farther west is the 19th-century Pothundi Dam. Northeast is the Seetharkundu Viewpoint, with waterfalls nearby.

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