Watch as Emirates A380 makes an incredible vertical landing in high winds

In case you are flying any time soon, or have a fear of flying, we suggest you stop reading further. An Emirates superjumbo, the Airbus A380, recently made a scary but safe landing in Dusseldorf, Germany, under heavy wind conditions.

A video of the landing, uploaded on YouTube by Plane spotter, shows the Emirates super heavy descending steadily for touchdown, when, a few metre above the tarmac, it is jostled by heavy winds and can be seen straying from its intended landing path.

Highly trained Emirates pilots, undeterred by the gusts, safely touch the plane down, even as the aircraft bounces a little on the first contact, and continues to veer side to side while it slows down.

“Emirates flight EK55 on October 5, 2017 landed safely in Dusseldorf under strong crosswind conditions. At no point was the safety of the passengers and crew on board compromised,” an Emirates spokesperson told.

The EK 55 flies from Dubai to Dusseldorf once everyday, and departs at 8.30am from Terminal 3. It completes its journey in roughly six hours and 30 minutes.