Turkish F-16 Pilot Ducks Under The Glide Slope, Low Over The Plane Spotters

The Turkish Air Force’s Solo Turk display team perform all around Europe but few fans can claim to have seen one of the stunt flyers’ planes as up close and personal as this.

At the end of a display as part of the aerobatics team, Captain Yusuf Kurt gave plane spotters a thrill as he manoeuvred his F-16 jet narrowly over their heads.

Captain Kurt, 33, came in especially low as he approached the runway – so low in fact that the next day the authorities were investigating potential damage on the fence that separates the road lined with fans and the airstrip.

The Solo Turk group is the solo aerobatics display team of the Turkish Air Force, which have used the F-16 fighter jets for their impressive shows since being formed to perform at the Turkish Air Force’s 100th anniversary in April 2011.

Captain Kurt graduated from the Air Force Academy in 2003 and was assigned to the 191st Cobra squadron as F-16 pilot in 2007 before joining 141st Squadron as Solo Turk’s third display pilot – he is now their first pilot. This video has already racked up more than 1.7 million views.