Stray dogs wandering in Islamabad airport lounge? Here is what happened in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority has suspended the manager of the new Islamabad international airport after stray dogs were found wandering in the facility’s lounge, a media report said Monday.

The suspension orders were given by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) director general, Geo TV reported, quoting a spokesperson of the CAA. The director general has also issued orders for inquiry into the matter. Airport manager Asghar Faheem welcomed the inquiry and said that CAA has the authority to take such actions.

The new airport has multiple layers of security, including deployment of personnel belonging to Airports Security Force, Rangers and the police. Besides, sirens are also installed in the area that start ringing over any unusual movement. Citing experts, the channel said the entry of stray dogs inside the airport was not a management-related issue, it was rather a breach of security.

That stray dogs have been able to come as close as the arrival lounge of the airport is proof of negligence on the part of ASF and CAA, passengers said. The official classified the incident as a safety breach on their [ASF] part that so many dogs were able to enter the facility’s premises. He wondered if unwelcome human visitors could enter the airport in a similar fashion as well, putting its security at risk.

The management of the new China-built airport in Islamabad has been criticised earlier when passengers were met with difficulties soon after the facility became operational. Passengers had complained of a lack of porters, an absence of a help desk, poor internet connection and a dysfunctional conveyor belt, among several other issues.