School bus driver takes risky shortcut through flooded river

A school bus driver in the Philippines takes a shortcut through a flooded river causing the students inside to scream out at his risky decision-making. Video taken by witnesses across the Isidro River in Zamboanga del Norte shows the green school bus driving on the road near the water.


The bus is seen stopping by the river’s edge, but only momentarily. Within seconds the vehicle starts up again, its wheels flying through the river that has been flooded due to heavy rain.

The witnesses on the other side of the bank look on, not entirely sure that the bus is going to make it to the other side. As the bus, which is packed with students and teachers, travels deeper into the river strong currents almost wash it away and those inside are heard screaming.

Luckily, the bus driver’s gamble paid off and the vehicle emerges safely on the other side. The video was taken on 20 October of this year and local officials say that it’s not so rare of an occurrence.

Christopher Ebal from the Department of Public Works and Highways said authorities were now raising funds for a bridge.  He said: ‘The river is really unsafe especially during the rainy season. We tried to use a steel structure but it got destroyed. We really need a bridge.’