School Bus accident leaves parents fuming

On October 30 at around 3 pm, when children from Delhi Public School (East) Bangalore were heading towards their house at Sun City apartments near Sarjapura road, the school bus number E-12C met with an accident on Sarjapura road. Four students received minor injuries in the process. However, parents claim the school did not take any safety measures and neither were they were informed about the situation as they were eagerly waiting for the children to arrive at home.

Parents also allege that the school bus rammed into a cement truck, which was standing on Sarjapura road. This they confirmed from their children too. A parent said, “I got a message from the school’s tracking system that my child has reached home. When I called up my wife to check, I was told the child had not come. I do this every day as I am away from home at that particular time. I became worried over the wrong information, and tried to make calls but was uncuccessful. Later, I called the transport coordinator, who casually said the bus had met with an accident and a few kids had been injured and were being given first-aid.”

“After a while, the kids reached home. My daughter too had a small injury above her eyes and so was the case with my friend’s daughter, who was taken to hospital by ambulance. We asked the children what happened and they said the school bus rammed the stationary truck,” the parent added.

While all this was happening, the parents allege there was no intimation from the school to this effect. Another parent said they received a message that the children would come a bit late because of a “technical glitch”.

Another worried parent said, “It is the sole responsibility of the school to tell us what happened. We also heard from local people in the area that the driver was drunk. We then panicked. This is not the first time such a incident is occurring. We are so scared of our kids’ safety and security.”

A few parents who reported this to BM said they were trying to reach out to the principal but in vain. When BM contacted the principal, Manila C, of DPS (East), she said, “There was a minor accident that happened near the school. The cement tanker was coming out of the petrol bunk and did not see the school bus and that is how the collision happened.”
“Three kids had minor injuries and we summoned the school ambulance immediately sent them for treatment. At all points of time, a teacher was present.

In fact, our vice-principal stays in the same community and the parents were duly informed about this. Our transport department communicated the issue to the parents,” she said. The principal also clarified that the driver was not drunk and the school undertakes breath analysis tests very often. In response to allegations of unavailability, she said parents could me

The school authorities also said the tracking system was fine and that there were no glitches. The authorities also said that DPS was very serious about keeping a functional tracking system.