The office of the Transport Commissioner has said that the revised driving test pattern will come into force from May 22. Earlier the High Court had stayed the implementation of the new test model till May 15 till the preparations on the test ground were completed.

But the Driving Instructors Union is up in arms against the new driving test pattern. They said that the new pattern cannot be implemented in such a short period of time as training needs to be imparted to the instructors who should then redesign the training modules for the students. The Union is also organising a protest against the new pattern by striking on the test grounds.

The Motor Vehicles Department had implemented major changes in the pattern of the driving test to ensure better road driving. The new pattern reduces the height of the poles to 2.5 feet from the previous 5 feet and there will be no indications on the pole tops to indicate a bend.

Ribbons will be tied joining the poles as well. With this neither can the driver look out of the window nor can they turn around to locate the pole. The new driving students will have to learn how to use the rear view mirrors to navigate their vehicle.

There will also be a parallel parking test and a test to check driving skills on ascends.