The Police will conduct an inquiry to find criminal elements among the 3000-strong private bus crew and ask owners to dismiss them. This measure is being taken in addition to the cops making it mandatory for new employees being appointed in city private buses to obtain a ‘Police Clearance Certificate’. The existing crew will also be given the certificate on the basis of the quick inquiry into their antecedents.

Private Bus Crew abusing Others in Kerala – Video..

This incident was happened in Valanchaery, Malappuram District.

The meet was held as part of attempts to resolve commuting woes faced by students’ community and also to end issues between students and private bus crew.

Following the parleys, it was decided that each private bus should allow at least 15 students to board the buses from bus stops near educational institutions. The buses should halt right at the bus stops and the students should be allowed to travel till the destination as per the concession card. All the bus crew should wear uniforms. The services of PTA members, SPC, NCC and NSS among others will be utilized to help form queues at bus stops for easy boarding.