Police Blocked Private Bus which was plying on wrong side..

Law should be equal for everybody. Let the police offers give the freedom and support to take action against all the people who disobey the rules irresponsible of anything. This incident was happened on Thrissur – Kunnamkulam Route. Everybody should salute this police officers..

The majority of accidents in Kerala caused by the bikers and private buses through rash and ruthless driving.

It seems like the police action is not deterrent enough to stop drivers with a weakness for alcohol from taking the wheel. Rash and negligent driving on the part of the private bus drivers claimed many lives in this route.

Notwithstanding the stringent measures announced by the police from time to time, private buses seem to be having a free run in the city and its suburbs.  The data with the Police shows a sharp rise in the number of accidents despite claims by the police of an intensive crackdown on traffic rule violators.

“We will initiate the steps to cancel the permit of buses violating rules,” said a Police Officer. The MVD also plans to hold surprise inspections.