Now you can buy the freshest Kerala Spices, online

Any person who loves to cook will buy spices in small quantities. This is because storing spices for long in the kitchen shelves will lead to the spices losing its quality. However, most people buy their stock of spices from the nearby grocery store or from the supermarket shelves. Some people take the effort to go to the markets dealing in spices to buy the right quality and quantity they require, involving time, travel and effort on their part.

The issue of buying spices from the local stores is that the spices may have been in storage for a long time. They will have traveled over long distances and through varying climate conditions. The humidity and temperature will not have been controlled during their transportation. All this affects the quality of the spices. Normally the spices are bought from farmers in bulk and stored in large warehouses for long periods. The grading and processing of the spices take a long time. They are then taken for packing and delivery. The entire process can take weeks and months until they finally reach the customer who takes it home to cook their dishes.

In the process, a major portion of the freshness, oil content and piquancy of the spices is lost. Now imagine getting your spices fresh from the farmlands especially the high ranges of Kerala where spices have been growing for centuries. This is probably the best spice growing region in the world – something that the world recognized eons ago and searched for a trade route to India and Kerala.

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