Men manually push 35,000kg plane along the runway; Watch Video..

There is no dearth of bizarre incidents that take place in the realm of aerospace. In the past there have been instances of airlines that had bikini-clad flight attendants or passengers soiling plane bathrooms that ended up changing the route of the flights. Nothing is impossible in the world of human consciousness and the latest incident is proof.

Recently, a picture of 20 people, including technicians and airport employees, manually pushing a 35,000kg flight was shared on social media and it has left people perplexed and amused. Yes, you read that right! According to a report in Daily Mail, the flight in question is a Garuda Indonesia aircraft and the incident took place in Tambolaka Airport in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. As soon as the picture was shared on social media, people tried to speculate the reason behind the ‘spectacle’.

Later, however, Ikhsan Rosan, Garuda’s public relations manager shed light on the matter and said that the plane was stuck after the pilot had taken a wrong turning. “After the plane landed, it should have turned left towards the apron [parking area]. The plane missed [the turn] slightly,” the Daily Mail quoted him saying. As there was no pushback available, the technicians and employees had to manually push the plane at the airport. And that led to the bizarre picture.

Written by Ishita Sengupta.