Maruti Alto car crashed due to a biker; Watch Video..

Caught this on a dash cam while traveling from Mandi to Delhi. A biker overtaking a truck on blind curve forces the Alto driver to ditch the car. Imagine the position of the biker !! Whether alto guy is experienced or not ,appreciate the fact he didn’t crash the bike .
Bike guy is stupid who overtook the other vehicle in a narrow curve !! Biker made a mistake, but that car had enough place to go, but he got panic at that movement & lost the control & took it left.

The Biker is so Bindaas about the accident caused by him, if he keeps doing this it is obvious it is likely he will meet with an accident especially with a Yellow board driver. Everyday, we are noticing more and more bad drivers overtaking in blind curves. People also expect others to brake so that they can overtake. Unless there is a drastic change in public driving practices, India will top the list of fatal accidents for some years to come.

These biker when do such things in hilly areas i feel like ramming them . Assholes comes on curves and never stops. And everyone saying car drive chutiya hai and all firstly come and drive in hilly areas and secondly see left 2 tyres of the car were already in dust which caused the car to be pulled to left out of the road . You all are here judging like rallyists man but atleast see what car mechanicals are and how they function .

We need to overhaul our attitude completely before we can expect any betterment of our transport infrastructure.