Man carries sedan car on a three-wheeler Auto Rikshaw – Video goes viral

China is known for several things, including finding ways of doing things that are a bit unconventional. But a recent occurrence in China’s Zhejiang province has had people talking about it all over the world. The short video clip, which was uploaded on a Chinese social media site, has gone viral on various social media platforms. The clip was even shared on Twitter by People’s Daily, China.

As seen in the video, there’s a man carrying a black sedan which has been loaded horizontally on the top of the three-wheeler and being carried on public roads causing a potential danger to other motorists. The man was reportedly carrying the car, which was in a pretty battered state, to the scrapyard in order to sell it for the value of its parts. Many are wondering what could the reason behind this bizarre sight be.

As per a report by the Shanghaiist, the man had brought this car for 800 Yuan (which is about Rs 8,300). But it did not go the way he might have planned as police later tracked down the tricycle’s driver and fined him 1300 Yuan (which is about Rs 13,500) – making it a deal which probably ended up in him losing money and having points deducted from his driver’s license.

The incident, which took place in Guandong Province on the street of Yunfu on April 23, has raised many eyebrows. In the video, which was recorded by a two wheeler pillion rider.