Live visuals of Maruti dzire accident and roll over In front of a bullet

A Royal Enfield rider was caught off-guard by a Maruti Suzuki Swift DZire somewhere in India. The driver of the compact sedan lost control of the vehicle after a tyre burst, crashing into the divider and tumbling to the other side of the road.

Meanwhile, a Royal Enfield rider, was caught off-guard when the compact sedan came in its way. The motorcyclist managed to slow-down, but could not avoid running into the Swift DZire. The rider escaped without any major injuries.

What should you do if you were caught in a similar situation?

Target fixation is crucial in such situations. Look away from the obstruction, and concentrate on a way out. High speed is the reason for tyre bursts. Adhere to the speed limits and do not push the tyres too much. Do not forget to wear proper riding gear every time you ride. Ride safe.