KTM Duke 390 rider collides head-on with rickshaw

A young biker lost life earlier today when he lost control of the new Duke 390 he was riding.

Time and again we have tried to explain readers the dangers of overspeeding on public roads, especially when you are in control of a powerful machine. Sadly, one more accident has taken place where a young rider lost his life while overspeeding.

As per reports which are being shared on social media, the incident took place earlier today when 20 year old Nijil Raj was riding new KTM Duke 390 to college. Nijil was a 3rd Yr B. Com student in Nirmala College, Muvatupuzha, Kerela. Nijil was riding, while his friend Palazhi Jishnu (20) was pillion. Nijil was son of V. Vamananan (Anakkadu Service Co-operative Bank Incharge).

Video – Ashwin Chandra

The Duke 390 Nijil was riding, reportedly belonged to his elder brother. The bike was purchased a week ago. With not much experience riding the Duke 390, Nijil was overspeeding on the single lane road near his college. Overspeeding, single lane, and on top of that it was raining heavily.

Nijil’s KTM Duke 390 collided with rickshaw head-on, at a high speed after he failed to control his bike. The impact was such that Nijil, Jishnu and the rickshaw driver (50 yr old Puthankuril Madhu) got severely injured. Soon the three were taken to a nearby hospital. Nijil succumbed to his injuries while Jishnu and the driver Madhu are still in the ICU.

The KTM Duke 390’s front has been completely damaged, and so that of the rickshaw’s. In fact, images show that the chassis of the rickshaw has been bent from the impact. If only the biker would have been riding within speed limit, the accident would have not taken place.

Sadly, this is not a one-off case. Cases of bike accidents due to overspeeding are on the rise in India. Just last week it was reported that a 15 yr old riding Duke 390 died after a failed stunt attempt. No, we are not saying that powerful bikes are the culprit. The culprit is human, almost everytime.

We need to understand the machine, before we can go full throttle. Unless we as bikers understand the importance of road safety and safe riding practice, it will be difficult to avoid such situations in the future.