Why do Kannur provide Kerala with majority of its political leadership?

It is well known saying that capital and Legislative assembly maybe in Trivandrum but when LDF is in power decisions are taken in Kannur...

The people of Kannur have always been one of the most society oriented folks in the state, who are known for their genuine devotion to the communist ideology. Thus several inspiring leaders have emerged from the district, who have placed the society’s interest above their personal interests.

Also, the people of Kannur are not really polluted by the political shrewdness of the Southern leaders (of course VS Achyuthanandan is an exception). They are direct and outspoken by nature, not hesitant to call ‘a spade a spade’. These traits coupled with leadership qualities have led to the rise of powerful leaders from the district.

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Pinarayi in Kannur is the founding place of communist movement in Kerala. Leaders like N E Balaram showed exceptional organizational skills to organize daily wagers and farmers. The communist party has succeeded in forming a hierarchical structure of organizational bodies(local committee, area committee etc) and unlike other parties and many other areas, these functionary bodies work very actively in Kannur-Vadakara areas. This has given opportunity for many leaders to come up from this area. The list starts from Balaram and there are numerous names including the great comrades like AKG, Nayanar, Azhikodan etc.

But unlike communist leaders, the so called Kannur-born congress leaders like K Karunakaran never focused on Kannur, neither they influenced the people of Kannur to a larger extent. Karunakaran shifted to Thrissur and other than Karunakaran, nobody from Kannur grown to the level of acclaim or control over party which he possessed.

It is well known saying that capital and Legislative assembly maybe in Trivandrum but when LDF is in power decisions are taken in Kannur…

  • Regional politically hyperactive villages in kannur thrusts leaders with absolute power from which they gain confidence  .
  • They work at grassroots to understand the mass and get further promoted due to outright support from people/Constituency they represent.
  • Not all have lived upto their expectations some have turned duds.
  • But a leader with Kannur slang is often regarded to be outspoken due to their offensive malayalam accent (Actually it is polite).An exception was E.K.Nayanar who could turn the tide with his witty one liners.
  • Kuthuparamba and Thalassery  constituencies have been the playgrounds of most of this leaders with most of them wining at record margins.